Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Farewell to MGD

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Letter to MGD
Thank You very much for your kind care and concerns. We appreciate it very much and really wish that things do not turn out to be this way.

We still remember clearly the many activities we participated together. It is just like yesterday that all this had happened. We had worked hard together and also played very hard too! The fun which we have together, removes the pain of our difficult times.

Our relationship is indeed very eventful and very interesting. Together we have gone through many rough obstacles but all is not wasted. We have learned many important lessons that are very crucial for the next stage of our lives.

Although we may not have everlasting employment relationship but we do have many long and lasting fond memories. These memories will continue to exist in our heart for a long time to come.

We would like to say this:
"When sad, let go the sadness and don't be stressed. Never bottled up anything that is beyond our means.

It is inevitable that we have to close this chapter of our lives. Let it become history. We must look forward and hope for new opportunities around every corners.

Closing one door will lead to another exit. We will have many adventures in the future trying to discover the new openings.

Life is full of up and downs, just like the share market. Nothing is permanent. Everything good or bad will end sooner or later. Let us remember the goods and forget the bad.

But most important is to treasure the present moment. Now is the moment, now is the time, to appreciate whatever we have.

We realize that New Teams will have New Beginnings but could also have New endings. Everything in this world is very dynamic."

Some sayings .....
"The sparrow flies across the large span and vast layer of cloud, along with thousands of mountain covered with snow in the sunset, which way shall it go?

The long, harsh and rough road, with the loneliness of the early years, comes about the bellow music from the bamboo flute and drum.

The wild desolate smoke is fully filled with suffering and distress.

Let hope the tired old wing is able to witstand the heartless beatings.

from - 问 世 间 情 为 何 物, 只 教 生 死 相 许 ?
Wèn shì jiān qíng wèi hé wù, zhǐ jiāo shēng sǐ xiāng xǔ

Let us join the whole world which is Always Waiting for $omething good to happen. We will continuously Always Waiting for $uccess!


From the following lost Sheeps (迷失的羔羊 - mí shī de gāo yáng),

Alice Ee Geok Lian
Goh Kee Wat

Mak Mun Hon

Wendy Or Choon Tee

Vincent Tang Boon Kiat

Low Teck Liang

Edwin Sim Ee Yong

Koh Siew Lian

Alice Ong Keng Heok

Badruzzaman Bin Kassim

Sandy Leow Sor Khim
Cray Tan Chai Loong

Freddie Tan Thye Hock
Keith Alden Escoto Espinosa

Neo Ah Moi

Susan Ng Guek Noi

Lee Huay Ling

Anu Sathyan

Wong Yoke Ying
Kevin Wan
Choen Sang
Therissa Mercado Agutaya Ma

Lan Vu Thanh Ngoc
Do Diep Anh

Myra Dime Suan
Wong Chee Wei
Qian Liyi

Goh Shi Hua

Sheila Lim Khim Siew