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Tears from the flower - 淚(泪)的小花

This is a classical oldies since the 70's. While in the army I was once hospitalized in the camp's sick bay after suffering from an injury during training. There is nothing to do except to stay on bed and listen to Cassette tape playback this song.

My armpit was poked by a branch after falling down the Hill 265 slope. We were then having a field defense exercise.
While on the hospital's bed, the song helped to smooth down the pain.

Sometime later I was required to join back the training force and continued with the training. My arm recovered a few weeks later. The private doctors outside the camp managed to remove all the debris remaining inside the injured arm area.

However the song still remains in my heart. I am unable to sing it, but the lyric is easily recognized.

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在雨夜里飘落下 - During raining night when the rain drops are falling
Zài yǔ yè lǐ piāo luò xià

黄的花白的花 - Yellow and white flower
Huáng de huā bái de huā

带雨的花使我想起了她 - The flower in the rain makes me think of her
Dài yǔ de huā shǐ wǒ xiǎng qǐ le tā

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就像是含笑的她 - Just like she is smiling
Jiù xiàng shì hán xiào de tā

为了什么 总把头儿垂下 - Why always keep on facing down
Wèi le shén me zǒng bǎ tóu ér chuí xià

默默的不说一句话 - Very quiet and not saying a word
Mò mò de bù shuō yī jù huà

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见她泪下 见她不说话 - Seeing her in quietly in tears
Jiàn tā lèi xià Jiàn tā bù shuō huà

真教我放不下 - Really makes me worried about her
Zhēn jiāo wǒ fàng bu xià

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在深夜里明夜下 - During the late bright night
Zài shēn yè lǐ míng yè xià

有几朵含笑的花 - There are how many blossom of smiling flowers
Yǒu jǐ duǒ hán xiào de huā

含笑的花使我想起了她 - The smiling flower makes me think of her
hán xiào de huā shǐ wǒ xiǎng qǐ le tā

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她的笑艳丽像彩霞 - Her gorgeous smile is like the rainbow
tā de xiào yàn lì xiàng cǎi xiá

只有她的笑 教我常牵挂 - Only this smile can make me unable to forget her
Zhǐ Yǒu tā de xiào jiāo wǒ cháng qiān guà

深深的一笑像朵花 - Her happy smile is like the flower
Shēn shēn de xiào xiàng duǒ huā

见她含笑 见她不说话 - Seeing her smiling quietly
Jiàn tā hán xiào bù shuō huà

真教我心牵挂 - Really makes me unable to forget her
zhēn jiāo wǒ xīn qiān guà

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The Song's lyric is Extracted from the website

Translated by Dr. eye 7.0 (Commercial Version) For Windows 2000/XP/2003 developed by Inventec (Shanghai) Corporation © 2006

Han Yu Pin Yin by Clavis Sinica Chinese Text Annotator developed by a faculty member at the University of Michigan as a supplementary learning tool for English-speaking students of the Chinese language. © Copyright Clavis Sinica 2008

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淚(泪)的小花 by 黄清元 Huang Qing Yuen & The Stylers


Reference (Fairy) (Flower) (Flowers) (Lyric) (Mountain) (Pink Flower) (Big Old Tree)

Mango Tree at Lorong Napiri road - Part 3 (Flowering season)

The relatively quiet and peaceful road around this area. Nothing has change much since last year before the "big" recession. The grasses along the roadside are mostly missing due to hot weather and months of low rainfall.

Visitors still comes to visit those in the hospital, and people still continue to do their morning running (puffing and huffing), up and down this stretch of the road.

There are a few matured mango trees on the right side of the road inside the fenced compound.

Around this Chinese Lunar New Year, I noticed the mango trees near my home started to grow flowers. It was insignificant then and did not attract much attentions.

A few buds of flowers here and there. Attracts very little attention from the passerby compared to the full blooming trees later on.

Now, about three weeks later, most of the trees which I passed by bloomed, and across the whole tree. Almost every new branch that has new shoot pop out a bunch of flower. All the flowers consists of healthy “stigmas“ and “pollen grains“.

Those trees are located at the front part of Lorong Napiri road, off the Yio Chu Kang main road. Most of the mango trees are located inside the "Grace Haven", the home for abandoned children.

All trees, young and old, that are sufficiently exposed to sunlight have hundreds of flowers each.

By the time the photographs were taken, some of the bunches of flowers have deteriorated. They have turned from healthy yellow to pale brown.

This is a sign that the "Pollen Grains" have fallen off and may have landed at the stigma of another tree. The wind, Bees and other insects are responsible for this pollination process. Its own pollen grains may not be effective for fertilization. The recent rains and showers also destroyed some of them.

Some small mangoes have already emerged. Its a matter of time when the trees starts to bear more fruits.

These small mangoes may takes about half a year to become ripe.

If every bunch has half a dozen mangoes, we can expect a few hundreds of mangoes for each tree. However it is not wise to "count the chicken before it hatches".

There are many factors that can inhibit the grow of the fruits.

More than 50% of the fruits cannot make it to maturity unless there is professional care. Many mammals, insects and birds will claim them before long.

This part of Lorong Napiri also lead to my home. Further up at the bend and turning right goes to the HDB block which I live. On the right and not in the picture is the Bowen Secondary school where my nephew is currently studying secondary three.

There is not much sunshine at the time of the photographing. The environments appears gloomy just like the economy now.

Hopefully everything will brighten up and starts shining soon.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Solving problem and creativity

Creativity does not just happen. It involves courages, efforts and hard works. People who tries to be creative will face problems, failures and countless miseries. Human beings are born lazy and are therefore difficult to find many venturing into these unfamiliar areas.

Even when there is a need to do it, we will first rely on those who have gone through it to provide the necessary assistance and guidance. We are born with an instinct to stay away from failures or troubles. For most of us, that is the prerequisite for our survival.

Fresh Kale (photo by MissyRedBoots, courtesy of
Complicated leave structures but beautifully designed and created by our creator.
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Unfortunately sometimes the best approach to solving a problem is to think outside the box (which is Creativity).

Fashion show by kids. When given the opportunity to express freely, they also can have adult's ideas.
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And what better skill to teach our kids? There’s a difference between being artistic and being creative.

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Creativity is about solving problems by looking at things from a different perspective.

Child & Apple (© Thomas Perkins |

Creativity is a matter of learning to consider multiple solutions, and thinking through a number of outcomes.

Children with Dog (© Photographer: Marzanna Syncerz | Agency:
Extracted from

Instead of simply saying something won’t work, a creative person will usually try to figure out a way to make
it work.

Cutting Vegeatables (© Photographer: Isabel Poulin | Agency:
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And creativity isn’t something you have to be born with – it’s a skill, just like math or reading. And it’s something every child can learn.

Children Playing on the Beach (© Chris Johnson |
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When your kids are ready to give up on a project, teach them to look at it from a different angle. Say to them: “What would happen if we tried it this way?”

Children Playing on the Beach (© Chris Johnson |
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Then, if that does not work, help them try something else.

The key is to think outside the box and to teach your kids to do the same.

Cauliflower (© Photographer: Andrey Armyagov | Agency:
Another complicated looking vegetable flowers which is also edible, due to the creativeness of the creator.
Picture is extracted from

TEACHING KIDS CREATIVITY is extracted from Thursday February 12, 2009 Newspaper Today (Voice), page 18,


Academy of Certified Counsellors

Specialist Diploma in Counselling Psychology

Transforming Lives from Within®

Fresh Strawberries (photo by Ken Hammond, courtesy of USDA)
This is another wonderful creation. The seeds are outside the fruits, on the skin of the strawberries.


Thursday February 12, 2009 - TODAY VOICES Page 18

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Commitment while the wind blows - 风中的承诺

The promise and commitment made in the mist of the gentle breeze.
Will it ever last?
Does it bring forth everlasting love and happiness?
Or will it ultimately ends with emptiness?
Retrieve from (I will always love you)

The dreams in the twilight zone is ever full of freedom, lovely and timeless. Once broken, beware of the hard reality impact, that causes exactly the opposite to happen.

风中的承诺 -
Commitment while the wind blows

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昨夜的雨,惊醒我沉睡中的梦 - The rain last night, woke me up from my dreams while sound asleep
Zuó yè de yǔ, jīng xǐng wǒ chén shuì zhōng de mèng

迷惑的心,缠满了昨日的伤痛 - The confused heart, full of yesterday's injuries and painfulness
Mí huò de xīn, chán mǎn le zuó rì de shāng tòng

冷冷的风,不再有往日的温柔 - The merciless cold wind, no longer has the tenderness of the past
Lěng lěng de fēng, bù zài yǒu wǎng rì de wēn róu

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逝去的爱,是否还能够再拥有 - Unfulfilled love, whether it is still able to again
Shì qù de ài, shì fǒu hái néng gòu zài yōng yǒu

漫漫长路,谁能告诉我 - A long endless road to go, who can tell me
Màn Màn cháng lù, shéi néng gào su wǒ

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究竟会有多少错 - Actually there is how many mistakes
Jiū jìng huì yǒu duō shǎo cuò

何处是我最终的居留 - Where is my ultimate position (residence)
Hé chù shì wǒ zuì zhōng de jū liú

The search for perfect everlasting love and happiness often evade us. The long and difficult road leads to nowhere. Only empty promises are still valid.
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曾经在雨中对我说,今生今世相守 - In the rain once you told me, you will protect (and love) me forever
Céng jīng zài yǔ zhōng duì wǒ shuō, jīn shēng jīn shì xiāng shǒu

- In the wind once you told me, you will never leave me
Céng jīng zài fēng zhōng duì wǒ shuō, yǒng yuǎn bù lí kāi wǒ

多少缠绵编织成的梦 - How many lingering woven (defragmentated) dreams
Duō shǎo chán mián biān zhī chéng de mèng


多少爱恨刻画的镜头 - How many more love-hate situations
Duō shǎo ài hèn kè huà de jìng tóu

为何一切到了终究还是空 ? - Why everything ultimately is still nothing (empty) ?
Wèi hé yī qiè dào le zhōng jiū hái shì kōng ?

The songs lyrics are retrieve from

Translated by Dr. eye 7.0 (Commercial Version) For 2000/XP/2003 developed by Inventec (Shanghai) Corporation © 2006

Han Yu Pin Yin by Clavis Sinica Chinese Text Annotator developed by a faculty member at the University of Michigan as a supplementary learning tool for English-speaking students of the Chinese language. © Copyright Clavis Sinica 2008

李翊君 the original singer of this popular song "风中的承诺"
Picture is from (李翊君 CD + DVD Cover), available @

李 翊 君 the original singer of this popular song "风中的承诺" during the concert.
From (李翊君北京举办首唱会)

The lyric of the song
"风中的承诺" sung by 李 翊 君



風中的承諾 (Mandrain)


風中的承諾 (Mandrain)


千千阙歌 (Cantonese)




Picture is obtained from B5999/pic/item/ae39fb16cae83340f3de3222.jpg (Window with a rainy day view)


Reference (I will always love you) (李翊君北京举办首唱会) (李翊君 CD + DVD Cover) B5999/pic/item/ae39fb16cae83340f3de3222.jpg (Window with a rainy day view)

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Mathematics - Indices and Algebra (Part 4) - Surds

Expressions with Indices, surds, exponentials and powers are the inverse of logarithm.
Indices and surds has real and known number.
Exponentials has unknowns, for example "X".
Logarithm of a number means the "exponential" of the base.
The flying pair of cranes is from

Normally in indices we come across square root of numbers giving results which are evaluated as exact number, just like the following.

However there are also square root of numbers that do not evaluate exactly. The examples below shows some of those irrational results also called irrational roots.

Numerical expressions which contain irrational roots are called surds.
Examples of surds. Conjugate surds exist too. They are a similar pair of expressions but one is with a negative and the other is with a positive irrational part.

Reference (requires login ID and password)