Saturday, July 31, 2010

Luring the ladies

weekend today July 31 - august 1, 2010, column, Page T3, the fairer text
Georgina Chang,

PHOTO: We women ... need more than just a guy in super tight shorts to catch our eyes. Really.
weekend today July 31 - august 1, 2010, column, Page T3, the fairer text

PHOTO: Georgina Chang,
weekend today July 31 - august 1, 2010, column, Page T3, the fairer text

Classic lessons in what makes a chick magnet
I’VE noticed that no matter how riveting the conversation is, how heated the discussion becomes, or how near death the moment gets, as soon as a lady walks past wearing a low-cut dress that’s super short, every man’s attention will automatically be diverted to her.

PHOTO: Low-cut dress

When questioned, my male friends will break into guffaws, but they have never denied doing this.

The boyfriends, on the other hand, will indignantly claim that they were just looking at a stray cat running past.

We women, meanwhile, are such spiritual, philosophical and intellectual creatures that we need more than just a guy in super tight shorts to catch our eyes. Really.

We’re emotional creatures so tug at our heartstrings instead with these classic Chick Magnets. Like the guy who brings out an adorable baby dressed in pink ribbons and a pretty dress. He’ll definitely have flocks of women coming up to tell him how darling the baby is, asking if they can carry her.

The smart guy will oblige, obviously to suss out how nurturing her bosom is, among other things, to determine if he wants to make babies with her, too. If he is good with the baby, it shows that he has fatherly nesting instincts, very sexy, so we could be persuaded.

However, if none of your selfish friends will let you borrow their baby to hook women (because if it’s your baby, you have no business trying to hook women), the guy who takes his cute, fluffy, white puppy with the big eyes, oversized ears and floppy tail out for a walk will be guaranteed to entice women of all shapes and sizes to coo over Fido, and we’ll definitely ask if we can stroke his puppy. I don’t believe any straight guy will ever say no to a request like that.

No baby? No pets? Well, there’s always the sexy two-seater car. We don’t really care what make it is. We just care that it implies that we could be making many trips and outings together, just the two of us while everyone else looks wistfully on.

A man in a really good Italian suit also never fails to capture our attention. We feel a flutter in our hearts when we see a man carrying himself with poise and elegance. It goes beyond him just being easy on the eye (women are not so superficial, I keep telling you). It signals to us that this man has a sharp fashion sense, so he’ll never embarrass us with ugly shirts when we go out in public. He’ll make other women envy us and hate our guts for having such a handsome boyfriend.

Speaking of which, a handsome hot guy friend is a definite babe magnet. That is, as long as you accept that those women who mill around may not even notice you, and that you might have to settle for leftovers.

When we see a flash of a nice bicep (that happens very occasionally in Singapore, alas!) we also gaze a bit longer. I’m not talking about those massive bulging chunks that look like he’s got sprinter’s thighs for arms and he’s about to topple over. No, we like a reasonably well-formed bicep that’s hunky enough to sweep us off our feet, up the stairs and onto the bed without toppling over. (Any form of toppling over is a sign of weakness.)

Now, scrawny fellas, don’t lose heart. Some women feel a mental connection when they see a guy holding/reading/quoting a book that made an impact on them. That’s what my friends tell me. I don’t really read, so I don’t know what the fuss is all about. But if a guy is clutching the DVD of a meaningful movie, he’ll get my attention. The Waterboy never fails to pique my interest.

I threw the question of what else would capture a woman’s attention to a group of friends. One said: “A string of credit cards!” Another cooed: “Ooh, a Harley Davidson!” A third cried out: “Shoes and a belt that match!

This being Singapore, invariably one of the guys wryly remarked: “Here’s another babe magnet, he just has to be ang moh.”

Amid the peals of laughter, I noticed that none of the women disagreed.

So, while some of my dear Singaporean brothers are indignantly snorting at that last suggestion, can the rest of you guys please share with me ... Apart from a super low-cut and super short dress that I can never squeeze into), what would be a Dude Magnet?
By Georgina Chang,

The writer is the senior creative director of 987FM and Lush 99.5.


Thursday, July 29, 2010

Pencil Hardness Test - Wolff-Wilborn Pencil Tester

Test procedure and datasheet:

PHOTO: Wolff-Wilborn Pencil Tester Sheen 720N

The purpose of scratch hardness tests is to determine the resistance of coating materials or lacquers to scratch effects on the surface.


PHOTO: Twenty pencils in the range of grades from 9B to 9H ( ISO 15184 / BS 3900 - E19 )

In the Wolff-Wilborn Test, twenty pencils in the range of grades from 9B to 9H ( ISO 15184 / BS 3900 - E19 ) are used, each being moved over the surface under a fixed pressure and angle to the surface. The degree of hardness of the pencil which damages the surface is taken as a measurement of scratch hardness e.g. '3H' hardness.


Complies with ASTM D3363, ECCA-T4-1, BS 3900-E19, ISO 15184.

The test methods describe how the relative hardness of a coating is to be determined. This is achieved using a set of pencils of known hardness.

The test surface needs to be correctly prepared and smooth. (Please refer to the relevant test standard.) The test should be performed at 23°C ± 2°C with a relative humidity of 50 ± 5% (ECCA T4) or 25°C ± 2°C (ASTM D3363).

1. Select a mid range pencil eg. 2H.

2. For wood pencils, remove approximately 3/16 to 1/4 in. (5 to 6 mm) of wood from the point of each pencil using a draftsman-type mechanical sharpener, being careful to leave an undisturbed, unmarked, smooth cylinder of lead. Holding the pencil holder ( when using drawing leads) at an angle of 90° to the abrasive paper, rub the lead against the paper maintaining an exact angle of 90° to the abrasive paper until a flat, smooth and circular cross section is obtained, free of chips or nicks in the edge of the cross section.

PHOTO: Step 3

3. Stand the tester onto its end face and insert the pencil until its point touches the flat surface. Tighten the pencil clamping screw.

4. Place the 720N on the test surface and push it forward by approximately 1/4 -1/2" (6-12mm). Be sure to hold the gauge by the indentations on the wheels.

5. Rotate the pencil through 90° and move the gauge 1/2" (12mm} to one side of the first test. Repeat step 4.

6. Repeat step 5.

7. Examine the coating for indentation and scratching. If there is none, repeat the test using a harder pencil eg. 3H. If the surface is scratched or indented repeat with softer pencil eg. H.

8. Repeat step 7 until a pair of pencils is found, one of which scratches / indents the coating, the other does not.

PLEASE NOTE: This method is only applicable to smooth surfaces and coatings.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Youth Olympic Village ready to roll


In fewer than two months, the National Institute of Education campus at the Nanyang Technological University has been transformed from a place of higher learning into the Youth Olympic Village (YOV).

Replete with plenty of amenities and state-of-the-art training facilities, the YOV will also host cultural and education activities, for over 5,000 athletes and officials during the Youth Olympic Games, which run from Aug 14-26.

Although the village has to be fenced for security reasons, those staying there can enjoy cultural programmes, visit an informative Olympic gallery, and have the chance to chat with Olympic champions, such as pole vaulter Yelena Isinbayeva.

The YOV kitchen is specially fitted to cater 300,000 meals and has a 10-day rotation of menus, so athletes can enjoy a wide variety of food and even sample some Singapore fare at the Singapore cuisine food station.

Not only will the Youth Olympic Games athletes and officials stay in the comfort of rooms at Nanyang Technological University's Halls of Residence, but they will also enjoy cultural and educational activities held at the Village Square area throughout their stay in Singapore.

  • Event Information Centre

  • Culture and Education Programme Plaza (above) – World Culture Village booths, evening festivals, Olympic gallery, art installations, health zone, career corridor, chat with Olympic champions.
  • Main dining hall
  • YOG transport mall for ferry services to competition venues
  • Retail outlets (e.g. banks, merchandise store, haircut outlet)

  • Gymnasium (above)


  • Dormitories to house over 5,000 athletes and officials

  • Medical clinic
  • TV rooms, wireless Internet hot-spot access, laundry services, prayer rooms
  • Chefs de mission meeting hall
  • Training facilities for basketball, handball, fencing, hockey and boxing
  • Internal shuttle services to Village Square or training facilities

  • Welcome Centre at NTU main auditorium for accreditation and administration in the village.
  • Training facilities at NTU Sports and Recreation Centre for taekwon-do, judo, tennis, swimming, basketball, modern pentathlon, weightlifting and athletics.

我的字典: Wǒ de zì diǎn

Campus: 校园 xiào yuán
Replete: 供应充分的 gōng yìng chōng fèn de
Informative: 增长见闻的 zēng zhǎng jiàn wén de
Cater: 承办 chéng bàn


Sunday, July 25, 2010

Huiji Herbalmint Cough Syrup

我报 星期五 2010723日, 赞助广告, B13


PHOTO: 百草仙化痰止咳露 (Herbalmint cough syrup)
我报 星期五 2010723日, 赞助广告, B13

近来天气炎热,忽晴忽 雨,很容易感冒、咳嗽。这时,百草仙化痰止咳露(Herbalmint cough syrup)可帮你改善喉咙的不适。
The recent scorching hot weather, one moment clear and raining the next, is very easy to have cold and cough. During this period, Herbalmint cough syrup can be a remedy for the throat discomfort.

Herbalmint cough syrup is 100% developed from natural herbal medicine, non-alcoholic, low sugar ingredients, when drink is quickly ice cool to the throat, and is long lasting. No drowsiness after taking. Thus, since its release to the market, it has been well received by the consumers.

PHOTO: 甘草 gān cǎo (Glycyrrhiza uralensis, licorice root)
我报 星期五 2010723日, 赞助广告, B13

For cough, dry itchy throat, phlegm and other related symptoms, traditional Chinese medicine provides an ideal treatment. From the composition, it is evident that Herbalmint cough syrup used a lot of herbs, such as the following healthly ingredient, aster tataricus, ephedra, loquat leaf, platycodon grandiflorum, polygala, licorice, dried tangerine peel, peppermint oil, etc..

PHOTO: 枇杷叶 pí pá yè (Loquat leave)
我报 星期五 2010723日, 赞助广告, B13

Among the commonly used is the platycodon grandiflorus (the root of balloon flower) for the throat when lost of voice; Loquat leave helps to clear the lung and phlegm, lower gaseous phlegm; licorice root is able to provide relief to "hot" lung and cough. Many modern scientific methods combined to prepare the natural herbs. When taken will give cooling effect with fragrant scent. The syrup is suitable for all ages, genders and especially beneficial for those with chronic cough and throat discomforts.

Herbalmint Cough Syrup is available in both 100ml and 200ml bottles for $4.90 and $7.90 respectively. It is available at resonably price supermarket, Sheng Siong, unity, OG, Guardian, Watson and other selected retail shops.

询问电话: 6748 2911
For enquiry call 6748 2911

What are the Benefits?

  • 使用上等中药材制成。
  • The finest chinese herbal medicines are used to manufacture the syrup
  • 化痰止咳,舒缓喉咙不适。
  • Relieve and remedy throat irritation
  • 味道清香,效果持久。
  • Flavor fragrance scent with long and lasting effect
  • 服用后不会昏昏欲睡
  • No drowsiness or sleepy after consumption

Natural medical herbs and plants ingredient

A small bottle of Herbalmint cough syrup contains a great variety of natural herbs:

Platycodon grandiflorus, balloon flower root: long period of consumption helps throat irritations and lost of voice.

Loquat Leaf: Clear the lung and stomach wind, reduce gassy phlegm, targets heaty cough.

Glycyrrhiza uralensis, licorice root: relieve and alleviate cough and expectorant.
(Expectorant: A medication that helps bring up mucus and other material from the lungs, bronchi, and trachea. An example of as expectorant is guaifenesin which promotes drainage of mucus from the lungs by thinning the mucus and also lubricates the irritated respiratory tract. Sometimes the term "expectorant" is incorrectly extended to any cough medicine. From the Latin expectorare, to expel from the chest. From

What other says .......

I once suffered from cough for a long time and the throat became very dry. Friends recommended taking Herbalmint which contains hundreds of herbs, and the cough becomes better. In addition, the herbs has a mint flavor and fragrant scent, unlike others which are difficult to take.
Ms Zhang, 60 years old

Herbalmint makes my itchy throat feel instantly cool, very comfortable. Relieve the cough, soothe the throat, has good and long lasting effect.
yè líng líng, 25 years old

Translated by: Using nciku (, an online dictionary with English and Chinese language (with Pinyin)

我的字典: Wǒ de zì diǎn

改善 gǎi shàn: To improve
昏昏欲睡 hūn hūn yù shuì: Drowsy
症状 zhèng zhuàng: Symptom
尤其 yóu qí: Especially; particularly


PHOTO: From Website:

Herbalmint Cough Syrup is made using modernized scientific methods and precious natural medicinal herbs like Rhizoma Pinelliae, Herba Ephedrae, Radix Asteris, Radix Platycodi, Folium Eriobotryae, Radix Polygalae, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Oleum Menthae, which helps soothes the throat, tastes good and is fragrant. Its effects are rapid, refined purely from natural medicinal herbs and plants. Its properties are mild with no side effects and no known contraindications.

If your throat feels itchy and parched, Herbalmint Cough Syrup can quickly help it feel soothed. Moreover, since it has no alcohol, you will not feel dizzy or sleepy after consumption. 100% all natural and halal, the product helps to soothe the throat and has low sugar content. Since the launch of Herbalmint Cough Syrup, it has been very well accepted in the market place and its efficacy is especially apparent.

Herbalmint Cough Syrup is available in both 100ml and 200ml bottles.

Where to Purchase
This product can be purchased from the following retailers: Bee Brand, cold storage, Giant, Guardian Pharmacy (Selected), NTUC (Selected), OG, Prime, Sheng Siong, Shop N Save (Selected), Unity, ZTP.

Huiji Herbalmint Cough Syrup is selling at $7.90.

Huiji Herbalmint Cough Syrup (100ml) is only available at Unity and Guardian and currently retails for $4.90.

PHOTO: 百草仙化痰止咳露 (Herbalmint cough syrup)
我报 星期五 2010723日, 赞助广告, B13


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Gem of a debut

CD Reviews by
Christopher Toh

PHOTO: Chen Meixin (陈美心)

Loving you, by Chen Meixin (陈美心)
It has taken some time, about three years, but homegrown Mandarin singer Chen Meixin has finally released her first album.

PHOTO: Macy Chen Mei Xin (陈美心)

According to the singer, it took so long because she could only record in between filming commitments, she starred in TV offerings such as The Illusionist, Dear Dear Son-In-Law, Guangdong Master and the subway drama, A Starry Night; as well as hosting shows such as Way To Go and On The Beat 2.

PHOTO: Chen Meixin (陈美心)

She’s shifting gears to concentrate on her music career. For now, at least. And judging by this album, it’s a career that could possibly see her in good stead.

Vocally, Meixin sits somewhere in between Kit Chan and Stefanie Sun, slightly less depth than the former, but with more emotion than the latter.

PHOTO: Chen Meixin (陈美心)

Loving You isn’t her first release though. In 2007, she released her EP, In An Instant, which was produced by renown music producer Lee Wei Song.

This album kind of builds on that: All the songs here are ballads that allow her to show off her full vocal range. Because I Love You, Finally Realised and Leave have just the right amount of musical empathy from the up-and-coming star.

PHOTO: Chen Meixin (陈美心)

True, it’s not all polished, but a diamond in the rough is still a diamond.

PHOTO: Chen Meixin (陈美心) and friend

And if she continues to put her shoulder to the wheel, Meixin will surely get there.
CD Reviews by Christopher Toh

PHOTO: Macy Chen Mei Xin (陈美心)

PHOTO: Macy Chen Mei Xin (陈美心)

PHOTO: Macy Chen Mei Xin (陈美心)

PHOTO: Macy Chen Mei Xin (陈美心)

PHOTO: Macy Chen Mei Xin (陈美心)

PHOTO: Macy Chen Mei Xin (陈美心)

PHOTO: Macy Chen Mei Xin (陈美心)

PHOTO: Macy Chen Mei Xin (陈美心)