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Hit this cool spot - Nagano in summertime is picture-perfect gorgeous

TODAY, Thursday MAY 27, 2010, TRAVEL, PAGE T37
Hedirman Supian,

PHOTO: Hit this cool spot, Nagano in summertime is picture-perfect gorgeous

YOU don’t always need to get all transcontinental and jetset to Europe if you’re looking to experience some mountainous greenery during your summer jaunts.

PHOTO: Flower of Japanese Alps

There are destinations closer by in the upper hemisphere. Culturally cool Japan, for instance, has Nagano. Nagano is home to the Japanese Alps, so there’s no shortage of blossoming flora and expansive scenery to gloat about online on that Facebook photo album of yours.

PHOTO: Blossoming flora and expansive scenery to gloat about


Noted in the history books for hosting the 1998 Winter Olympics, this central prefecture of Japan is a vacation hotspot among locals because of its comfortably balmy climates during summer and cool ski resorts during the fall. It is also easily accessibility by rail from Nagoya or Tokyo.

PHOTO: Soaking your tender feet

The mountainous countryside boasts great outdoor hikes, lakes and waterfalls. And you can end your day soaking your tender feet in the naturally occurring onsens littered across the prefecture.

PHOTO: Wild monkeys bathing in a hot spring

Just keep in mind that you won’t be wearing anything else besides your personality at these onsens. Or, you can catch wild monkeys bathing in a hot spring. Really.

PHOTO: Medieval Matsumoto Castle

If frolicking in the nude or watching other primates isn’t your thing, other notable attractions include the medieval Matsumoto Castle, which has great views of the Alps and has a moat that’s elegantly inhabited by swans and koi.


PHOTO: Zenkoji, a 1,400-year-old temple

Zenkoji, a 1,400-year-old temple believed to house the first Buddhist statue brought to the country, is worth a visit as well.

PHOTO: Fireworks over Suwa Lake.

End your trip with a bang, literally, at the annual ginormous fireworks display at Suwa Lake in mid-August. More than 40,000 fireworks will explode and sparkle over the lake, with the surrounding mountains serving as a natural echo chamber.

Does the expression “kaboom” have the same meaning in Japanese?

Guess you will just have to find that out for yourself.
By Hedirman Supian,

PHOTO: Shell House, Karuizawa – Kitasaku – Nagano, Japan


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胡姬胡姬我爱你 (hú jī hú jī wǒ ài nǐ)

我报,星期二, 2 0 1 0 年5 月2 5 , 本地新闻, PAGE B1, B4

PHOTO: 梁麒麟摄
(PHOTO by liáng Liang qí lín)

Lover of Orchid's flower, Chen Weimin (26 years), since began planting orchid, accummulated as many as 350 pots.

PHOTO: 陈伟民家外面的走廊一度摆放了350盆各式各样的胡姬花,有一回出国,盆栽死了一大半,如今仍有100多盆。(梁麒麟摄)
Chen Weimin once placed outside the corridor 350 kinds of orchid pots, once abroad, more than half died, and now only about 100 pots are left.
(PHOTO by liáng Liang qí lín)

Lack of space in front of his house, Chen Weimin had to "borrow" from his neighbours' corridor to place the flowers. His Neighbours not only do not mind, but also help to look after them. In the middle of the night when there is sound of movement at the corridor, they will get up to see if someone is stealing the orchids.

Even so, it is still hard to prevent stealing of the flowers. Several times, flower thieves manage to steal Chen Weimin's difficult to plant orchids. So Chen Weimin put the more expensive orchid species locked in an iron cage, so that thieves do not have the possibility to break in.

陈伟民的第一盆胡姬花是小学六年级时在pasar malam(夜市)购买的。这盆平凡又便宜的蝴蝶兰品种,却让他与胡姬花结下不解之缘。
Chen Weimin's first pot of orchid is bought from the pasar malam (night market) when he was in the 6th grade. That was an inexpensive orchid species but extraordinary. He then start to develop his liking for Orchid.

Chen Weimin said orchid is most attractive to a wide range of places. It is the flower kingdom's largest flower. There are 30,000 natural orchid varieties, and as many as 100,000 varieties that are artificially propagated.

在众多品种当中,陈伟民对外表怪异脱俗的魔鬼石斛兰Dendrobium spectabile情有独钟。
Among the many varieties, Chen Weimin is specially fond of the strange appearance of the devil Dendrobium (Dendrobium spectabile).

PHOTO: 魔鬼石斛兰(Dendrobium spectabile
(受访者提供)- Picture is provided by related source

He said: "While the other boys are addicted to computer games, I am crazy into collecting orchid. This is not just with the normal interest, I think I and the devil Dendrobium are very similar."

While studying, Chen Weimin worked as a temporary worker. He spent all the earned wages on orchids. Sometimes even spend almost $200 to buy a pot of orchids. He says with a laugh: "When Mom sees more and more orchid in the house, she thought I was crazy."

Once Chen Weimin wanted an imported orchid from Taiwan to flower, he even lower the air-conditioned in the house to 16°C, and then weared his jacket, wrapped in thick blankets to sleep.

陈伟民长大后,在国家公园局(NParks)的奖学金资助下到澳洲深造,目前在国家胡姬园 (National Orchid Garden担任经理一职。
When Chen Weimin grew up, the National Parks Board send him to Australia for studies, under a scholarship. Currently he is in National Orchid Garden as the Manager.

Wei-Min Chen admitted that when he and his girlfriend just started dating, she found it difficult to accept his orchid obsession, but now gradually learn to accept his hobby. He said that if given the opportunity, he will cultivate a new orchid species for his girlfriend.

"Hot News", lets invite the Orchid Guru to teach us how to cultivate the beautiful orchids.
By 林苑婷,

PHOTO: 石斛兰Dendrobium Pompadour

阔别两年, 新加坡花园节 Singapore Garden Festival又回来了!这次的活动比往年更精彩。
After an absence of two years, the Singapore Garden Festival is back! This activity is more exciting than in previous years.

新加坡花园节将于7月15至22日,在新达新加坡国际会议与展览中心举行。新加坡胡姬花展Singapore Orchid Show将是今年的重头戏之一。
Singapore Garden Festival will be held on July 15 to 22, at Suntec Singapore International Convention and Exhibition Centre. Singapore Orchid Show will be one of the highlights this year.

The flower show will have certain part meant for competition. Regional representatives will display orchid varieties from their countries. It will be bound to be an eye-opener to the public.

国家胡姬园National Orchid Garden也将在这次的胡姬花展中展出所培植的胡姬花品种。
National Orchid Garden will also be showcasing the cultivated orchid orchid species.

国家胡姬园经理, 胡姬花达人陈伟民表示,东南亚胡姬花协会OSSEA是此活动的合作伙伴之一。他透露,该协会每个月都会召开会议,也会举办小型聚会让胡姬花爱好者共聚一堂,分享种植胡姬花的心得。
National Orchid Garden Manager, Orchid Guru Chen Weimin, said the Association of Southeast Asian orchids (OSSEA) is one of the partners of this event. He said monthly meetings will be held. The Association will also hold small gathering for orchid enthusiasts to come together to share their experiences in growing orchids.

What to pay attention to in orchid cultivation?

1. 培育方法视品种而定不同品种的胡姬花需要不一样的条件来培养。有些胡姬花需要充足的阳光来生长,而有些则适合比较阴暗的地方。若把后者放在阳光下曝晒,可能会导致胡姬花夭折,而若把需要阳光的品种放在阴暗处,该胡姬花就无法健康成长。
Breeding methods are different from species to species. Different species of orchids need different conditions to develop. Some orchids need plenty of sunlight to grow, while others are more suited to dark places. If the latter is exposed to strong sunlight the orchid may died, but if those that need the sun is placed in the shadow all the while, the orchids cannot grow up healthily.

In addition, the frequency of watering should be determined according to the species. Growth in charcoal or bricks species required watering once or twice a day, because then the soil can retain enough water, Those orchid planted in the soil only needs to be watered once a day.

Chen Weimin suggested that when buying orchids, can understand more details of the species from the flower shop owner.

2. 浇水时需注意……
Attention when watering ........
Do not proposed watering the flowers in the morning or evening sun. When any kind of plant that is exposure under the sun and watered, the water will act as a magnifying glass to concentrate the sun's rays, and burn the plant.

There is less air circulation at night, and also it is more humid.So watering at this time may result in the breeding of moss.

If need to water in the evening, Chen Weimin suggested that a fan be placed next to orchids, to create air circulation.

b. 不要直接喷水在花上热带地区的胡姬花较多是长在火炭或砖块等,浇水时需把整个根部浇湿,稍微喷些水是不够的。此外,浇花时也切忌直接将水喷在花卉上,因为如果胡姬花花粉湿了,花朵就会更容易凋谢。
Do not spray water directly on the orchids flower. In tropical areas spray the charcoal or bricks, to wet the entire root. A little water sprayed is not enough. In addition, avoid spraying directly onto the flowers. This will wet the orchid pollen and the flowers will wither more easily.

PHOTO: 蝴蝶兰Phalaenopsis hybrid

3. 选择适当花盆野生的胡姬花本是寄生在其他植物上,根部习惯性地暴露在外头。选择花盆时,不可太小,需要一些空间让根部能够呼吸”。
Select the appropriate pot for wild orchids which are parasitic on other plants. The roots are habitually exposed to the outside. The selected pot should not be too small asthe roots need some space to "breathe."

In addition, Chen Weimin found that because the roots of orchids do not look very neat, a lot of people will want to move the orchid to larger pots.

He suggested that unless the roots completely surrounded by the flower pots or root growth has begun to deteriorate, change the pot only once every two years. The basin should be gradually increased in size, rather than a one-time move to a big pot. This makes the new branches unable to sprout.

4. 施肥时应“少量多餐”市面上的胡姬花肥料有两种:一种是让胡姬花能健康成长,另一种则是促进胡姬花开花的肥料。
Fertilization should be in "small portion". There are two type of orchid fertilizers available in the market. One is for healthy growth of orchid plants and the other is for flowering.

It doesn't matter what fertilizer is being used, should first follow the instructions on the fertilization package. Chen Weimin said the best way is to add more water frequently.

He said that sometimes too much fertilizer will make orchid difficult to cope and it will die, Therefore "smaller but more frequent meals" to reduce the fertilizer from bringing harming to the plant.
By 林苑婷,

Translated by: Using nciku (, an online dictionary with English and Chinese language (with Pinyin) and Google Translate.

我的字典: Wǒ de zì diǎn

曝晒 pù shài: Insolate; to sun violently
夭折 yāo zhé: To die prematurely
灼伤 zhuó shāng: To burn; to hurt with heat
萌芽 méng yá: To sprout

PHOTO: 石斛兰Dendrobium Pompadour


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韩宝仪 (hán bǎo yí) - 最后一次回眸 (zuì hòu yí cì huí móu) - Glance backward for the last time

紅透東南亞的一代歌后 中國千萬銷量傳奇人物
hóng tòu Dōng nán yà de yí dài gē hòu Zhōng guó qiān wàn xiāo liàng chuán qí rén wù
Very popular singer in South-East Asia, with legend of tens of million of sales


Singer 演唱 (yǎn chàng): 韩宝仪 (hán bǎo yí)

PHOTO: 最后一次回眸 (zuì hòu yí cì huí móu) - Glance back for the last time

最后一次回眸 - The last time to glance back
zuì hòu yí cì huí móu

就在夜雾笼罩的朦胧 - It was at the night surrounded by mist
jiù zài yè wù lǒng zhào de méng lóng

让我紧紧握住你的手 - allow me to hold your hand tightly
ràng wǒ jǐn jǐn wò zhù nǐ de shǒu

最后一次回眸 - The last time to glance back
zuì hòu yí cì huí móu

就在彩灯要灭的夜里 - Just when the light lamp is about to go off
jiù zài cǎi dēng yào miè de yè lǐ


让我尝到淡淡的失落 - I feel the plain dejection
ràng wǒ cháng dào dàn dàn de shī luò

你甩甩头潇洒的走 - You shake your head and just walk off
nǐ shuǎi shuǎi tóu xiāo sǎ de zǒu

我也不乞求你回头 - I also do not beg you to stay
wǒ yě bù qǐ qiú nǐ huí tóu

PHOTO: 最后一次回眸 (zuì hòu yí cì huí móu) - Glance back for the last time

因为你的心依在 - because your heart is already at
yīn wèi nǐ de xīn yī zài

另一个畅想的尽头 - another better place
lìng yī gè chàng xiǎng de jìn tóu


我不后悔也不伤悲 - I neither regret nor feel sad
wǒ bù hòu huǐ yě bù shāng bēi

再说一声沙有那拉 (Sa Yo Na La) - Beside bidding your farewell
zài shuō yì shēng shā yǒu nà lā

PHOTO: before leaving










(Sa Yo Na La)

韩宝仪 (hán bǎo yí) - 最后一次回眸 (zuì hòu yí cì huí móu)
新马歌后 韩宝仪最后一次回眸原人原影MV 2008


PHOTO: 2007年最后一次

PHOTO: 最后一次回眸 (zuì hòu yí cì huí móu) - Glance back for the last time


Boat rides and two Pandas for Mandai Park

PHOTO: At Mandai Orchid Garden

WEEKEND TODAY, May 22 - 23, 2010, NEWS, PAGE 4
Hetty Musfirah

PHOTO: Boat rides will be a feature at the new site. rendering courtesy Wildlife Reserves SINGAPORE

Mandai could soon become the new buzzword for nature-themed attractions in Asia.

PHOTO: Mandai Orchid Garden

Another step was taken towards making Mandai a unique nature cluster with the announcement by the Government on Friday that it has identified a fourth site in Mandai for potential development into a leisure attraction, offering family-friendly accommodation and activities.

PHOTO: Lake at Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Tourism Board is studying the possibilities for this site.

PHOTO: 80 Mandai Lake Road Singapore 729826.

This was revealed by Senior Minister of State for Trade and Industry S Iswaran, at the ground-breaking ceremony for the $180-million River Safari, Asia’s first river themed park.


Mr Iswaran said that conceptually, this will be the “4th Gate” site in Mandai. He said with its tropical rainforest setting and rich biodiversity, Mandai provides a compelling contrast to the largely urban environment of Singapore, with the potential to attract 5 million visitors a year.


As for the River Safari, which is set to open its doors in 2012, it will host the largest collection of freshwater flora and fauna (plants and animals) in Asia.

It will also be home to the giant pandas, as part of a joint collaboration with the China Wildlife conservation Association.

The attraction is the third nature-themed attraction in Mandai, after the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari.
By Hetty Musfirah


PHOTO: Orchid in Mandai Orchid Gardens.

PHOTO: It's a beautiful day to be in the Mandai Orchid Garden!

PHOTO: Mandai Orchid Garden

PHOTO: Merlion Pipes & Drums

PHOTO: At Mandai Orchid Garden

PHOTO: Orchid Shooting at Mandai Orchid Garden