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Tears from the flower - 淚(泪)的小花

This is a classical oldies since the 70's. While in the army I was once hospitalized in the camp's sick bay after suffering from an injury during training. There is nothing to do except to stay on bed and listen to Cassette tape playback this song.

My armpit was poked by a branch after falling down the Hill 265 slope. We were then having a field defense exercise.
While on the hospital's bed, the song helped to smooth down the pain.

Sometime later I was required to join back the training force and continued with the training. My arm recovered a few weeks later. The private doctors outside the camp managed to remove all the debris remaining inside the injured arm area.

However the song still remains in my heart. I am unable to sing it, but the lyric is easily recognized.

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在雨夜里飘落下 - During raining night when the rain drops are falling
Zài yǔ yè lǐ piāo luò xià

黄的花白的花 - Yellow and white flower
Huáng de huā bái de huā

带雨的花使我想起了她 - The flower in the rain makes me think of her
Dài yǔ de huā shǐ wǒ xiǎng qǐ le tā

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就像是含笑的她 - Just like she is smiling
Jiù xiàng shì hán xiào de tā

为了什么 总把头儿垂下 - Why always keep on facing down
Wèi le shén me zǒng bǎ tóu ér chuí xià

默默的不说一句话 - Very quiet and not saying a word
Mò mò de bù shuō yī jù huà

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见她泪下 见她不说话 - Seeing her in quietly in tears
Jiàn tā lèi xià Jiàn tā bù shuō huà

真教我放不下 - Really makes me worried about her
Zhēn jiāo wǒ fàng bu xià

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在深夜里明夜下 - During the late bright night
Zài shēn yè lǐ míng yè xià

有几朵含笑的花 - There are how many blossom of smiling flowers
Yǒu jǐ duǒ hán xiào de huā

含笑的花使我想起了她 - The smiling flower makes me think of her
hán xiào de huā shǐ wǒ xiǎng qǐ le tā

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她的笑艳丽像彩霞 - Her gorgeous smile is like the rainbow
tā de xiào yàn lì xiàng cǎi xiá

只有她的笑 教我常牵挂 - Only this smile can make me unable to forget her
Zhǐ Yǒu tā de xiào jiāo wǒ cháng qiān guà

深深的一笑像朵花 - Her happy smile is like the flower
Shēn shēn de xiào xiàng duǒ huā

见她含笑 见她不说话 - Seeing her smiling quietly
Jiàn tā hán xiào bù shuō huà

真教我心牵挂 - Really makes me unable to forget her
zhēn jiāo wǒ xīn qiān guà

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淚(泪)的小花 by 黄清元 Huang Qing Yuen & The Stylers


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