Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sad moment

The saddest moment occurs again. My mother passed away.

After 2 difficult years trying to overcome the cancer, finally it got better of her.

The motherly love, warm and affection which we have taken for granted is now gone. We are still reeling and have not accepted the harsh fact.

The familiar figure who always occupies the bed in the bedroom is now empty and the room is suddenly very quiet. This silence is too deafening to bear.

The vacuum in our life may take a long time to fill. We are trying to get back to the original world which we know since young but somehow unable to do it.

We have many fond memories of her. When recalling any of them there is always a lump stuck in our throat. We may pretend that it is nothing significant but deep in the heart we can't. There is still the sad emotional feeling residing in us.

We have lost a wonderful loving mother. Nothing on earth can replace her.

We wish that she has a smooth transition to another stage of her life. What we are able to do is to try to fulfill her last remaining wishes. Hopefully her journey has a good start and that she is equipped with the necessities.

We are fortunate to have many relatives, neighbours and friends who have come to comfort us during our darkest moment. Without You there could be no comfort and relief.

God has been kind to us. The contributions help a long way to cover all the expenses. The emotional supports and encouragements make the situation bearable.

We appreciate also our companies' colleagues who have supported us during the hours of need. You have helped tremendously and we appreciate it very much. Thank you for bringing us nearer to the sunshine world.

My mother still exists and lives, not only in our memories but also in our hearts, forever.