Monday, September 14, 2009

Ez-link Giro top-up - Part 6 (Waive Giro auto top-up fee)

By Mr John Yap

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Waive Giro auto top-up fee
Letter from Mr John Yap

I REFER to the letter “EZ-Link aim: Faster Giro application” (my paper, Sept 11).

The letter touched on the reason for charging a convenience fee for using the auto top-up facility.

I find the convenience fee a misnomer. Instead of providing a convenient service for ez-link card holders to top up card value using Giro, there is one more item charged to our Giro-linked bank-account statements.

It seems that EZ-Link is the only service provider charging a fee for Giro payments. If other service providers and merchants start charging a similar fee as well, it defeats the purpose of using Giro as a convenient payment service.

Why not waive this fee for those using the Giro auto top-up service?

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Helpdesk: 我的字典
Wǒ de zì diǎn

misnomer: 错误
cuò wù

defeats the purpose: 击败原来目的
jī bài yuán lái mù dì

convenient payment service: 容易到达支付服务
róng yì dào dá zhī fù fú wù

waived: 免除
miǎn chú

Giro auto top-up service: 吉罗自动充值服务
jí luó zì dòng chōng zhí fú wù

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