Wednesday, September 2, 2009

EZ-link Giro top-up - Part 1 (Tough to get)


by Ms Yip Lo Min

I REFER to the mass ez-link card-replacement programme.


I hold a Giro-linked old ez-link card. In March, I received a letter from TransitLink, which said that I had to wait until last month for more information on Giro top-up facilities for the new ez-link cards.

There was no mention that I would have to re-apply for a Giro link-up with a new card.


A press release on Aug 27 said that users of the old Giro-linked card are strongly encouraged to exchange them for the new ones before Sept 30.

  • They would then have to re-apply for Giro.
  • Users have to submit a form and wait for 21 days before Giro would be activated.
  • They also have to go to their bank to get their thumbprints verified.
  • This is an inconvenient process, which should be streamlined.

While waiting for Giro to be activated for my new card, I would also have to keep reminding myself to check my card balance and to top up my card at the ticket machine every few days.

There are charges for each application and a convenience fee would be levied for each Giro top-up.

There were no charges with the old card.

Why can’t an old Giro-linked card be exchanged for a new Giro-linked one?

Also, why did it take seven months for Giro top-ups to be enabled for the new cards?

With the deadline, I have only one month before I have to give up my old card.


I understand that the new Contactless e-Purse Application-compliant card can be used in many ways, and that it is an improvement on the old card.

  • However, I use my card only for travelling on public transport.
  • No matter how good the new card is, it is of no benefit to me.
  • As a user, I wish only for convenience.
Ms Yip Lo Min


Helpdesk: 我的字典
Wǒ de zì diǎn

Top-up: 填补
tián bǔ

Re-apply: 重新申

chóng xīn shēn qǐng

Thumbprints: 拇指印
mǔ zhǐ yìn

Inconvenient: 不方便的
bù fāng biàn de

Deadline: 最后期限
zuì hòu qī xiàn

Improvement: 改进
gǎi jìn