Friday, September 4, 2009

Ez-link Giro top-up - Part 2 (Fees a hassle, Every cent counts)

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Letter from John Tan
Ez-link fees a hassle

I do not understand why there is so much hassle when it comes to topping up the new ez-link card by Giro. For this new card, I need to fill up a form and pay a $1.50 fee.

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Worse still, there is a transaction charge of $0.25 every time the card is topped up automatically.
The charge has been termed a “convenience fee”.

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If all passengers top up their cards using Giro, fewer staff would be needed to man the counters. The machines would be used less often; the wear and tear would be reduced. So, who is thisconvenience feefor?

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Letter from Wong Pui Yee

Every cent counts

Paying the utility bill, phone bill, season parking, HDB conservancy charge, etc, by Giro, is all free of charge. So, why is there a charge for the new ez-link card?

Of course, we can top up in the train stations, at AXS machines, bus interchanges or even at an ATM, but isn’t Giro about convenience?

I am very unhappy about this unfair charge. This should be done away. Every cent counts in these bad economic times.

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