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罗凯珊 (luó kǎi shān), Kama Vs Angela Baby

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PHOTO: 羅凱珊 (luó kǎi shān) - Kama Law 年龄:21)
Angela Baby 的“死敌”,“女神”称号的觊觎者。不过个人觉得她长的比较土,可能是各花入各眼吧,也有人觉得她很可爱。拍邦民(Promise)财务公司广告而成名,所以外号叫邦民妹。因为也想打入日本市场,自然对女神构成了威胁,但杨颖的拥护者们则认为她根本不是女神的对手,只不过想借女神来打开知名度。
编辑(biān jí):文妍 (wén yán)

Kama Law, 21, is Angela Baby's rival, also fondly known as "Goddess". However some feel that she is not yet up to the mark. Others think otherwise, she is cute. She shot to frame because of the advertisement "Promise" and subsequently known as "Promise Girl". Because of wanting to enter the Japanese market, she becomes a threat to Angela Baby. But people believe she is not yet up to the "Goddess" standard, she is using the "Goddess" label as a footstep to accomplish the goal .
Editor: Wen Yan

PHOTO: 模特罗凯珊 (luó kǎi shān) 雏样
mó tè luó kǎi shān chú yàng
Model Luo Kaishan (Kama Law) youth pictures

PHOTO: Angela Baby 的第一招就重锤出击,找来名模,也是同门师姐熊黛林夹攻罗凯珊。
Angela Baby starts her first move, to go ahead of her colleague, luó kǎi shān, in the fashion modeling industry.

PHOTO: 羅凱珊 (luó kǎi shān) - Kama Law

PHOTO: 羅凱珊 (luó kǎi shān) - Kama Law

PHOTO: 羅凱珊 (luó kǎi shān) - Kama Law

PHOTO: 羅凱珊 (luó kǎi shān) - Kama Law

PHOTO: 羅凱珊 (luó kǎi shān) - Kama Law,3.html

PHOTO: Kama 的最新行动是抢先跑到日本替Tokyo Girls Collection走秀
Kama's latest action is being the first to go to Japan for the "Tokyo Girls Collection" show

PHOTO: 撼赢死敌 Kama, Angela Baby 500 万签日本 Avex
Angela Baby wins Kama, the $5,000,000 Avex contract

PHOTO: 那么在这前后夹攻的形势下 Kama 还能如愿打败女神 Angela Baby 吗?
So in this hot competition, can Kama wins "Goddess" Angela Baby?

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