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Kite making workshop on Saturday 06 November 2010

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PHOTO: Sessions of kite making workshop @ Gallery Suite, Marina Barrage.

PHOTO: Kite-Making is Fun!

From Alice Ee
We have a very enjoyable morning last Saturday. The breakfast is very good! The weather is also very fine.

The kite Making Workshop is very informative and productive for us. The instructors make the lesson very interesting and easy to follow. This is my first time making my own kite and I manage to complete one.

Best of all, it can fly up to the sky!

Very high some more !!

The two beautiful eyes on the kite make it very bright and outstanding. Because of its yellow colour it stands out from the rest of the kites. I know you manage to take one of my photos inside the workshop.

Unfortunately my camera's battery runs out and I do not have any photo with my kite.

Thank You for giving us such a wonderful time. It is a very well organized event. We will remember it for a long long time!
From Alice Ee

PHOTO: Sessions of kite flying

From Lee TT
Thank you very much for organizing the kite making workshop last sat, my children and I enjoyed it very much.

My children love the chicken wings which were served during the buffet breakfast.

At the workshop, we did learn some very interesting facts about kites from around the world, with very beautiful kite design to show.

I find it good engagement to have everyone make their own kites; it was the first time for me and my children and they enjoyed the challenge.

Finally, came the time to launch the kites at the field on the roof, and we were very lucky to have good weather and not too sunny.

On a few occasions, the lines got entangled up, but we took it in good spirit fun.

We bid farewell at around noon, with a new found hobby; kite flying.
From Lee TT

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PHOTO: Sessions of kite making workshop @ Gallery Suite, Marina Barrage.