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Stamp - Blazing the trial (Date of issue: 14 August 2010, YOG) II


Date of issue:
14 August 2010
Cubix International Pte Ltd


By Singapore Post

PHOTO: First Day Cover


By Singapore Post

SINGAPORE 2010 YOUTH OLYMPIC GAMES 14 - 26 August 2010

On 21 February 2008, Singapore celebrated with fanfare when the International Olympic Committee (I0C) announced its decision to hold the inaugural Youth Olympic Games (YOG) in Singapore in 2010. The announcement, broadcast live in front of an enthusiastic crowd, took place at the Padang.

PHOTO: 1st Local Stamp

Eighteen months later, thousands gathered once again at the Padang to celebrate the One-Year Countdown Event on 14 August 2009. It also celebrated the progress Singapore had made as well as its readiness to host the first YOG with the unveiling of a Countdown Clock set against the historic City Hall.

PHOTO: 65¢ Stamp

In August 2010, the nation will witness the official opening of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games, inking Singapore in history books as the first Host City of the YOG.

PHOTO: $1.10 Stamp

The multi-sport event offers an integrated sport, culture and education programme, aligned to the Olympic values of Excellence, Friendship and Respect. Depicted in this set of stamps are the official mascots, Lyo and Merly, in different poses, representing the liveliness and youthfulness of the athletes.

PHOTO: $2 Stamp

To welcome the coming of the inaugural YOC, the Youth Olympic Flame made its way across the world to one city in each of the five continents of Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

PHOTO: Lyo and Merly

The journey of the Youth Olympic Flame (JYOF) will connect people from all over the world to the Olympic Movement, uniting them in celebration of the spirit of Olympism.


PHOTO: The torch for the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games is passed to the first Greek torchbearer Apolstolos Koutavas during the flame lighting ceremony in Ancient Olympia, Greece

In July 2010, the Youth Olympic Flame was lit in Greece and continued on its journey to Berlin (Germany), Dakar (Senegal), Mexico City (Mexico), Auckland (New Zealand) and Seoul (Republic of Korea). The Flame arrived in Singapore for a six-day round-island torch relay before lighting the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony of the Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games (Singapore 2010). The Olympic Flame, one of the most powerful and emotive symbols of the Olympic Movement, will burn brightly throughout the duration of Singapore 2010.

PHOTO: Singapore Youth Olympic Games, 14th to 26th August 2010.
© Singapore YOG 2010 Committee

Youth Olympic Flame


Singapore 2010 is not just about sports, competition and breaking records. It is about doing one's best; about participating as much as about winning; about forging friendships in spite of diversity; about respecting oneself and others, rules and regulations, and the environment.

PHOTO: Presentation Pack Stamps

Let us bask in the excitement of Singapore 2010 as we start the Games!

PHOTO: First Day Cover

Date of Issue: 14 August 201 0
Denominations: 1st Local, 65¢, $1.10, $2
Stamp Size: 48mm x 30.45mm
13¼ x 13¾


Printing Process:
Offset Lithography

joh Enschede Security Print


Designed by:
Cubix International Pte Ltd

First Day Cover (without stamps):

Pre-cancelled FDC affixed with stamps: $4.90*
Presentation Pack:

PHOTO: Presentation Pack

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PHOTO: YOG - Day 7 - Athletics (21st Aug 2010)

PHOTO: YOG - Day 7 - Athletics (21st Aug 2010)

PHOTO: YOG - Day 7 - Athletics (21st Aug 2010)

PHOTO: YOG - Day 7 - Diving (21st Aug 2010)

PHOTO: YOG - Day 7 - Diving (21st Aug 2010)

PHOTO: YOG - Day 7 - Diving (21st Aug 2010)

PHOTO: YOG - Day 7 - Diving (21st Aug 2010)

PHOTO: YOG - Day 7 - Diving (21st Aug 2010)