Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Giddy teens are unhealthy teens

today Tuesday August 24, 2010, HEALTH, PAGE T15
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PHOTO: Stub out your cigarette and have regular exercise, and the headaches may just go away.
today Tuesday August 24, 2010, HEALTH, PAGE T15

TEENAGERS who are overweight, smoke or get little exercise are more than three times as likely to suffer frequent headaches and migraines than those with healthier habits, according to a new study.

As part of the Nord-Trøndelag Health Study in Norway, 5,847 students aged 13 to 18 were interviewed by nurses about headaches and their lifestyles.

Of those with all three negative lifestyle factors, more than half, 55 per cent, had frequent headaches, compared to just a quarter of those with healthier behaviours.

The report author Dr John-Anker Zwart, of the University of Oslo, said the study suggests that the treatment and prevention of headaches in teenagers may need to include management of healthy habits such as regular exercise, healthy food choices and a smoke-free lifestyle.
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