Sunday, August 15, 2010

The little boy who could (YOG)

AEdvantage,Wed Aug 11 2010

PHOTO: He did not want to miss the run and followed the flame.
Photo: ST Reader

He followed the Youth Olympic flame for two and a half hours, just to snap pictures of the relay.

PHOTO: He did not want to miss the run and followed the flame.
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This 12-year-old boy wearing an orange t-shirt and blue shorts left everyone wondering, "Who's that boy?".

PHOTO: The 12-year-old became the star of the third day of the relay.
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Reason? He ran close to 15km in the rain, alongside bearers of the Youth Olympic Flame torch, as it made its way through Sengkang, Punggol and Hougang.

PHOTO: The Youth Olympic flame passed through Sengkang, Punggol and Hougang on Aug 10.
Photo: ST Reader

Clad in slippers and clutching a digital camera - which got soaked in the rain as well, the student from Compassvale Primary School told reporters from the Straits Times that his run wasn't planned.

He said he just wanted to catch a glimpse of the flame and follow it, as he "may never see it again".

PHOTO: Wei Jie said he did not want to miss the relay, as he "may never see it again". - data-1.jpg

PHOTO: Reporters, officials and YOG volunteers made a beeline for him.
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PHOTO: Wei Jie got to hold the spare Youth Olympic flame torch as he posed with the relay's support r... - data-5

About 2 years ago, there was also another spectacular happenings to an Olympic torch bearer. At that time a defenseless lady torch bearer was physically attacked by male protesters who charged at her. She had to used her handicapped body to protect the torch from being snatched away.

PHOTO: Chinese paralympian fencer Jin Jing carrying the Olympic torch in Paris. She sat in her wheelchair, took her torch and waited quietly for the exchange.

PHOTO: An unarmed girl who was handicapped, and the thug had to hit her? Whatever happen to minimal humanitarianism?
"At that moment, I was only thinking about protecting the Olympic flame!", reporter received a SMS message from Olympic torch bearer Jin Jing who is in Paris (France).

PHOTO: Jin Jing clasped the torch tightly because she was afraid that someone might grab it.

PHOTO: After the storm, the sun will shine again. Torch bearer Jin Jing formally lit her torch and proceeded ahead with the team.

PHOTO: Jin Jing, the wheelchair-bound torch-bearer, has found fame. China has found a national heroine to boost its fragile self-esteem after weeks of embarrassing headlines over Tibet and the Olympic torch relay.

PHOTO: Jin Jing, a Paralympic fencer, returned home on Wednesday and received a hero's welcome when she was recognized by people at Beijing's Capital International Airport.
Photo credit: Xinhua)