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Count on me, Singapore

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May Chua, 05:55 AM Aug 06, 2010

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SINGAPORE turns 45 in three days. If you do not yet have the flag out, or Stand Up for Singapore stuck in your head, let these websites help you get into the National Day spirit.

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- Sing Singapore

1 Sing Singapore
What better way to get into the mood than launching into an enthusiastic rendition of your favourite national song? Forgot the lyrics? No problem. Just log on to for the lyrics (and music videos) to National Day Parade theme songs from 1998 to 2003.

For recent songs, such as last year's What Do You See and this year's Song For Singapore, visit the NDP 2010 website's ( multimedia section.

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Besides learning about the country's heritage, you can get fun facts about local history from the "Did You Know" section on the homepage.

For example, did you know that Bukit Chandu, a World War II battle site, is rumoured to be haunted? Some say you can still hear voices repeatedly shouting "Fight on" in Malay.

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Being a proud Singaporean entails knowing just the place to recommend whenever our foreign friends or relatives visit. But if, like me, you're clueless about how to promote Singapore as a tourist destination, just point them to

This website, created by the Singapore Tourism Board, is a useful resource for tourists. There is a range of suggested tours to choose from, such as "Your Singapore In 24 Hours"; a list of events and attractions; and a page to plan your personal itinerary. You can also search for flight deals, and read the site in a number of foreign languages - Japanese, Vietnamese, Simplified Chinese, Bahasa Indonesia and Korean.

Browse through the stories about what Singapore means to other people to rouse your inner patriot. You might be inspired to write your own after that.

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4 Singapore Inside Out
Or, if you're just the opposite and know Singapore at the back of your hand, go to Singapore Inside Out (

Wear your flag on your sleeve by getting a free account and chipping in with your reviews and recommendations of where to eat, drink and party.

Doing so nets you points that could make you an Expert, and eventually a Guru, in certain establishments.

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5 The Coxford Singlish Dictionary
Say what you want about Singlish, but it's hard to deny that it's "Uniquely Singapore". If you know a nonplussed foreigner or a new citizen, stop them from getting lost in translation with's hilarious online Singlish dictionary (

It's one way to get a good laugh, plus, you might even learn new terms - and "upgrade" yourself in the process.
By May Chua, 05:55 AM Aug 06, 2010