Tuesday, November 12, 2013

10 reasons why celebrities love Singaporean men (Warning: Humour)

PHOTO: Charlie Young and Vivian Hsu love Singaporean men. They really do.
(Because our men are awesome, of course!)

SINGAPORE — If you pay any attention at all to entertainment news, you would probably have noticed how Singaporean men were in the spotlight this weekend.

Well, sort of.

On Saturday, Hong Kong-based actress-director Charlie Young married her long-time Singaporean beau Khoo Shao Tze in a high-profile wedding at W Hotel in Sentosa, attended by celebrities including Tsui Hark, Anita Yuen, Gigi Leung, Valen Hsu and Angelica Lee.

Then on Sunday, Taiwanese star Vivian Hsu announced her engagement to Singapore-based entrepreneur Sean Lee.

Jason Godfrey, Mata Mata star
PHOTO: Jason Godfrey, Mata Mata star
Guys in Singapore that makes them particularly irresistible to celebrities?
Picture by Jason Ho, 06 August 2013

And they are not the only ones who have, erm, fallen prey to men in Singapore. Remember Gong Li and her ill-fated marriage to Singaporean businessman Ooi Hoe Seong?

(Special mention to Vanness Wu, Chow Yun Fat and William So, who will marry, married, and used to be married to — in that order — a Singaporean woman.)

So what is it about guys in Singapore that makes them particularly irresistible to celebrities?
We can’t really speak for Charlie, Vivian and Gong Li, but we can think of a few reasons why.

1. Our Singaporean man has that sexy, sexy Singaporean accent. Who can resist a man telling you how much he lurfs you?

2. Our Singaporean man is very loyal to his woman. If you see his eyes straying, trust us when we say he’s probably just looking out for the summons auntie.

3. Our Singaporean man is practically a ninja. Put him on the MRT at peak hour and he’ll show you how he elbows slow and weak people out of the way for a seat.

Singaporean men - Ninja uncovered, empowering the weak.
PHOTO: Singaporean men - Ninja uncovered, empowering the weak.
Picture by cacingkk from DeviantART, Dragon Tiger Gate

4. Our Singaporean man knows how to eat chilli crab. Properly. He eats it in record time, doesn’t leave a single shred of flesh, and still has time to peel the claw for you. (Note: Peeled crab claw only available before marriage.)

5. Our Singaporean man is great at math and science. This means he can calculate with dexterity how much Toto he needs to buy before he can retire.

6. Our Singaporean man is hot and sweaty. Like, seriously, all the time.

Singaporean men, hot and sweaty - multitasking, taking over duties with responsibility.
PHOTO: Singaporean men, hot and sweaty - multitasking, taking over duties with responsibility all the time.
Picture by anakingusan from DeviantART, Xiao Hu's shadowless leg kick

7. Our Singaporean man doesn’t have many siblings. That means fewer nosy relatives to deal with, dear girl.

8. Our (average) Singaporean man is quite small. This means you’d be able to carry them to the emergency room if anything should happen.

Singaporean men is quite small, with powerful and lethal defense.
PHOTO: Singaporean men is quite small, with powerful and lethal defense.
Picture by maskedriderkc from DeviantART, colorist I

9. Our Singaporean man has spent all his money on COE and the apartment. This means he won’t have any money left for mistresses or secret girlfriends.

10. Our Singaporean man went to the army. That should mean something, right?

By Ms Hon Jing Yi, Monday, 4 November 2013

Singaporean men went to the army, performed IPPT and ran Marathon.
PHOTO: Singaporean Men will face his greatest challenge yet!
Picture by desmondWOOT from DeviantART, Land of Giants