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Tiger Year 2010 (2)


SINGAPORE: According to Singapore famous Feng Shou Master Tan Khoon Yong in facebook, in the Year of Tiger 2010, all of the 12 Chinese Zodiacs are not good, If not cautious enough, may land in lawsuits, also need to beware of health problems.

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In tiger year, Everybody's is quite hot tempered and emotional impulse, easy to affront other people, some people possibly will get rid to fight with others, therefore, everybody may land in lawsuits.” Tan told the reporter.

In addition, Tan pointed out “Tiger Compete with Wind”. Therefore in the Year of Tiger, people will appear frequently in “wind” related indisposition, especially with skeleton related illness.

In brief, everybody needs to be more careful in the Year of Tiger, also beware of health problems.

PHOTO: 2010 - The Year of the Metal/White Tiger, (which begins auspiciously on February 14th when Valentine's Day is also celebrated.)

Tiger has a bad fortune because of direct conflict with the God of Year (犯太岁).

Among the zodiacs, the one who was born in year of tiger has a bad fortune, because of direct conflict with the God of Year. 1950 is the Year of the God, therefore the people who born in that year are even worst.


Zodiac of Rooster has better fortune among all the zodiacs.

The Zodiac of Dog and Dragon have a higher risk to land in lawsuits.

Everybody is not so good in 2010, everybody need to put more efforts in order to get return.” Famous Feng Shui Master Chan said.

People from some of the zodiacs may land in lawsuits and falling ill."

However, he mentioned that the fortune is quite good for people who born in Year of Pig and Goat.

In Feng Shui Master Gwee’s opinion, different individual has a different fortune. “The fortune only can be predicted after viewing the individual’s Ba Zi (八字)”

Rabbit easy to falling ill because of followed by Star of Sickness, is the same thing for the Monkey which has Indirect Conflict with the God of Year (沖太岁)” He explained.

However, Gwee has the same opinion that the Zodiac of Dog and Dragon have a higher risk to land in lawsuits.


Prediction of next year fortune of 12 Zodiacs by Master Tan Khoon Yong

The Rat:
Beware of villains. Guard against rumors.

The Ox:
Avoid marriage or it may cause you to lose the determination in achieving something. Also absent minded in doing thing, affect the routine life.

The Tiger:
Will having difficulties in coming 2 years. Next year will be a bad year, need to beware in everything.

The Rabbit:
Have Luck of Peach Blossom, need to beware of Inexorable fate bring by Peach Blossom.

The Dragon:
Surrounded by contingencies and make you feeling helpless.

The Snake:
Have Luck of Peach Blossom, may affect your reputation.

The Horse
Beware of health problems. Avoid disputes caused by words and guard against lawsuits. Need to be careful when handle any document.

The Goat:
Do not visit the sick and observe mourning, otherwise there are obstacles in career and human relationships.

The Monkey:
Fortune is not favorable this year. Need to be careful in driving, exercise and travel.

The Rooster:
Beware of villains and being framed. Be cautious of villains around you as they may lead you to make wrong decision.

The Dog:
The auspicious star is absence and full with villains. Luck and future is not favorable. Possessing a heart of righteousness will help you to overcome this year.

The Pig:
Beware of health problems. Beware of health of spouse too. There will be disputes between husband and wife.
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(2003) Lisa Franzetta, campaign coordinator for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), wears the Tiger Lady costume to protest the wearing of furs.