Monday, January 13, 2014

Humour: Well-dressed woman takes phone at food court?

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Posted by Kalypsoh, AsiaOne fan, 11-01-2014, 01:10 PM
(Warning: Contain adult humour)

A woman was caught on CCTV camera making off with a mobile phone at a food court at Marina Bay Financial Centre.

The mobile phone belonged to Stomp reader Jasmine's father, who had left it on a table with some files while he bought food at a nearby stall.

Jasmine said: "Looking for the woman captured in the CCTV image, whom I believe is working near Marina Bay Financial Centre.

"My dad's Samsung Note 3 was stolen on Jan 6 at about 11.19am at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3's NTUC food court.

"He had left on the table with some files, and stepped away for a while to buy food from a stall just beside the table.

"I would be grateful if the woman captured in the CCTV images returned his phone, as there are many personal contacts and information in the phone.



Kalypsoh (AsiaOne fan): Saw this in Stomp. I wonder if it is real. Maybe she's just helping to safe-keep rather than steal?


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