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Samba dancers - Brazil Carnival - (1)

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Brazil Muses and Goddesses of Brazilian Carnival
'Some say they are capable to hypnotize and cast a spell in unattentive hearts. We have seen Carnival Goddesses and Queens during some carnivals "stealing" part of the show, because of their incredile performances.'

PHOTO: Juliana Paes - Carnival Queen
Photo Credit - Agencia FOTOBR

Some Carnaval historians point out that the first real Carnival Drum Queen was the Brazilian model Monique Evans, when she paraded with great sensuality, energy and passion in front of Mocidade Independente´s Drum Section, in 1985. Others still state that the first Queen of the Drums, was Nanana Meirelles, the mother of today´s President of Estação Primeira de Mangueira Samba-School.

PHOTO: Viviane Araujo - Carnival Queen

Alessandra Mattos is 32 years old (former queen) and since her adolescence, dreamt in participating of the Brazilian carnival parades in Rio do Janeiro. She would watch the carnival parades through TV as her parents would travel to the beaches for vacations.

PHOTO: All the energy and samba passion of Alessandra Mattos former queen from Estacio de Sá Samba-School
Fantastic photo of Muse Alessandra Mattos in a vibrating moment at Rio de Janeiro Samba Avenue Marquês de Sapucaí, also known as Rio´s Sambadrome or Sambódromo
Taken by: Alexandre Vidal/ FOTO BR Agency: Alexandre Vidal, Ari Versiani, Fernando Azevedo, Levy Ribeiro, Luiz Alvarenga.

The Brazilian Beauty works out twice a week with weights, but believes she has a genetic gift for her built. Alessandra also goes through regular massage sessions and other cosmetic procedures to maintain the healthy look, especially during carnival. She also avoids eating any kind of fried food. When asked about the part of the body men look more, she admits is her thighs and legs.

PHOTO: Alessandra Mattos at a samba event

Shayene Cesário is a 24 years old model and law student born in Rio de Janeiro. The lovely Brazilian brunette has indigenous, European, and Afro-Brazilian roots, which clearly constructed that extraordinary look.

PHOTO: Shayene Cesário - Estácio de Sá Queen The 24 years old model and law student is born in Rio de Janeiro. The lovely Brazilian brunette has indigenous, European, and Afro-Brazilian roots.

Fantastic video of Shayene Cesario from Estacio de Sa 2011


The Carnaval Goddess was raised in the traditional São Carlos neighborhood and started to parade at the early age of 8 with Estácio de Sá Samba School in Rio.

PHOTO: Shayene Cesário - Estácio de Sá Queen

PHOTO: The astonishing 2011 Queen for Estácio de Sá Shayene Cesário Great photo by Ricardo Almeida

Adriane Galisteu is a Brazilian actress and TV host. She was born on April 18, 1973 in São Paulo, has beautiful green eyes and is 1.74 m (5 ft 81⁄2 in) tall. Adriane was TV host for a series of shows.

PHOTO: The Queen of Drums, or in Portuguese Rainha de Bateria from Unidos da Tijuca samba School, Adriane Galisteu, which celebrated 15 parades in 2010!
Photo Credit: Alexandre Vidal form Agencia FOTO BR Team

The Carnival Goddess is also a great example of generosity. Since her involvement with Carnival, she engaged herself in many charity activities.

PHOTO: Adriane thinks the Carnival Drum Queens should not only attract media and press attention, but be respectful to the samba school components, be charismatic, love samba and sing the school´s samba lyrics. She believes that everyone in Brazil should be a “warrior” when tackling the country´s health and education difficulties.
Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR / Alexandre Vidal

Tatiana is one of the best examples of the true “roots Drum Queens at the Brazilian Carnival. Unlike some other Queens, Thatiana has a deep connection with the samba world and as a child, loved to watch the samba parades at TV.

PHOTO: Tatiana Pagung – Goddesses of Carnaval

Tatiana started at the age of 11 to learn some acting skills at the “Retiro dos Artistas Acting School” where she stayed for three years. She then moved to the prestigious Tablado Theater School in Rio, where she could improve her representation abilities.

PHOTO: Tatiana Pagung – The astonishing Carnaval Muse in 2009 Parade with Mocidade Samba School.

This Brazilian Beauty discovered that Carnival festivity was able to unite several passions she had: music, acting, singing and dancing. As to complement her musical background, Tatiana graduated at the respected Villa-Lobos School of Music in Rio, having the Brazilian Popular Music as her main focus.

PHOTO: Tatiana Pagung – a true Carnaval Muse in Brazil
Photo Credit: Jaime Silva - Prefeitura do Rio de Janeiro

As an attentive student, she also observed the importance of the Drum Section with Master Riko at the Villa Lobos Music School, where she learned to play some samba instruments.

PHOTO: Tatiana Pagung – The legendary Drum Queen
Photo Credit: Thatiana Pagung / Inocentes de Beloford Roxo Divulgação

The beautiful Brazilian beauty lent her impressive charisma, smile and samba dancing gifts to the following samba-school ´parades.

PHOTO: Tatiana Pagung - came from a humble background and is a good example that working hard, can fulfill dreams, help family, and live life in a sweeter way.

She also never misses a samba rehearsal, and always talks with journalists and photographers. Even though Tatiana Pagung came from a humble background, she is a good example that working hard, can fulfill dreams, help family, and live life in a sweeter way.

She is a true ‘soldier of the arts, with body, mind and soul in perfect tune. She is also a living proof that beauty can go together with serious and thorough content.

PHOTO: Tatiana Pagung - a living proof that beauty can go together with serious and thorough content

PHOTO: A phenomenal photo by Alexandre Vidal of former Rocinha Queen Fabia Borges, leading the Drums Section.
Credits: FOTO BR Agency - Alexandre Vidal - Protected by Law

PHOTO: Actress Nivea Stelmann, who was the Drum Queen for Renascer do Jacarapagua Samba-School, in great ennthusiasm.
Photo Credit: Agencia FOTO BR - Protected by Law

PHOTO: The "Queens of the Queens Luiza Brunet" with Imperatriz Leopoldinense Samba-School.

Goddess of Carnival Juliana Paes is a perfect example of well established Samba partnership. Being native to the Niteroi region, Juliana chose the Viradouro Samba School to start her samba parading story in Rio de Janeiro. She started to join the rehearsals still very young, and loved the rhythm of the drums: “I was born in this town, and this is the samba-school of my heart. I always used to participate at the samba rehearsals and join the parade at Viradouro much before I was famous.

PHOTO: Juliana in pure state of joy in the Carnival parade.
Photo Credit - Agencia FOTOBR

Actress, former model. Juliana Paes is the typical Carioca Girl. Cover girl for several Brazilian magazines, she is considered the top sex symbol in Brazil. Juliana is the oldest child of Regina and Carlos Henrique Paes. She has three siblings: Mariana, Rosana and Carlos Henrique Jr.

The actress, model and with a university degree, she became nationally known for her performances in soap operas of Rede Globo and for her beauty. She was cover of Playboy magazine on the 2004 May issue.

PHOTO: Juliana Paes - Carnival Queen
Photo Credit - Agencia FOTOBR

Viviane always loved Samba and started to parade when she turned 18 in Rio´s Sambadrome. Her official debut though at the Brazilian Carnaval, started in 1996, when she was elected Muse of the Momo King Party”, because of her splendorous physical attributes.

PHOTO: Viviane Araujo - Carnival Queen

She always admitted her passion for Carnival and stated she had always dreamt of being a true Carnaval Muse, since the days when she worked as promoter, hired to distribute flyers, coincidently in Rio´s Sambadrome.

PHOTO: Viviane Araujo - Carnival Queen

In 2004, the beauty showed all her charm and charisma at the Carnival parade of the Viradouro Samba-School from Niteroi. She came up as a beautiful high-light on top of a float.

PHOTO: Viviane Araujo - Carnival Queen
Excellent shot from Levy Ribeiro of the Muse in 2009

Also in 2004 carnival, the goddess perfomed as the official Drum Queen from União de Jacarepaguá, from the Access Group in Rio de Janeiro. In 2006, the voluptuous model paraded as “floor highlight”

PHOTO: Viviane Araujo - Carnival Queen

Some of the all time legendary Rainhas de Bateria (Queens of Carnival) in Brazil include definately include Adriane Galisteu, Luma de Oliveira, Luiza Brunet, Monique Evans, Soninha Capeta, Juliana Paes, Viviane Araújo, Luciana Gimenez, and Thatiana Pagung to name a few.

As a conclusion, these Goddess are probably one of the most interesting and fascinating performances within the Brazil´s Carnival parade. So next time you are watching a Carnival parade in Rio, try to see their exuberance and magic!