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Red underwear alert for Rabbits

The Straits Times, February 3, 2011 Thursday, Prime News, Page A8
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By Peh Shing Huei, China Bureau Chief, Feb 3, 2011, Updated 11.22 am

PHOTO: Girl in red underwear. Many in China believe that if it's your year,本命年(běn mìng nián), bad luck is on the way.

Many in China believe that if it's your year, bad luck is on the way
BEIJING - Ms ZHOU Jingjie welcomed the Chinese New Year by staying in bed last night, nursing an injured spine and a rabid fear of the Year of the Rabbit.

PHOTO: Ryu, red underwear. To defence against the cursed year.

Despite being born during the bunny zodiac year 36 years ago in 1975, the cleaner from Inner Mongolia is wary whenever the 12-year cycle swings her way.

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'It is a year of bad luck,' she told The Straits Times, believing that she was thrown off a public bus two months ago - which hurt her back - because the Year of the Rabbit was approaching. 'The last Rabbit Year, when I was 24, I lost my job and my father died.'

She is not alone in fearing what the Chinese refer to as ben ming nian, 本命年(běn mìng nián), or your zodiac year: They believe it is cursed.

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The fear could be tied to the concept of life progressing in 12-year stages, such as hitting adolescence at the age of 12, entering society at 24 and maturing at 36. Chinese believe they face 'barriers' in such years, and worry things may not go according to plan.

While much of Chinese tradition has been lost through centuries of upheavals and modernisation, this superstition in the curse of the zodiac year has proven to be extraordinarily persistent.

PHOTO: Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, and Venezuela: It's considered lucky to wear special underwear on New Year's Eve. The most popular colors are red and yellow: red is supposed to bring love in the coming year, and yellow is supposed to bring money.

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