Thursday, March 11, 2010

A park for generations

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Low Lin Fhoong,

PHOTO: Work on the Sports Hub is expected to begin in a matter of months, and the planned Youth Olympics Park will be located nearby at the Marina Bay Waterfront. PHOTO COURTESY SINGAPORE SPORTS HUB

Singapore sports - Teo rallies support for Youth Olympic Games and bears good news on Sports Hub

The Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade will house the world’s first Youth Olympic Park, which organisers hope will remind generations of Singaporeans of the inaugural Youth Olympic Games, which the country will host from Aug 14 to 26.

PHOTO: An impression of what the Olympic Park's parklands will look like

And, by early 2014, the much anticipated Sports Hub will be ready to showcase top sports events for local fans to enjoy.

PHOTO: Official Logo of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games

Responding to questions in Parliament yesterday, Teo Ser Luck, the Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, and Ministry of Transport, said: “The Singapore 2010 YOG is not just an event ... It is important because it will leave a legacy, which we hope will last for generations to come.


The park will feature artwork by youngsters and souvenirs from the Youth Olympics, and serve as an attraction to visitors and Singaporeans alike.

PHOTO: An impression of what the Olympic Park's parklands will look like

Olympic-themed sculptures designed by local artists will adorn the park, which will include 205 trees signifying each of the National Olympic Committees that will be represented at the Games.

A Youth Olympic Museum, which will host exhibitions on future Youth Games, will be housed in the $1.87-billion Sports Hub.

PHOTO: The Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Sport Pictograms were unveiled

Ready by end-2013/early-2014 In 2008, the Singapore Sports Hub consortium won the bid for the world’s biggest public-private partnership project, which will include a 55,000-seater national stadium with a retractable roof.

Originally scheduled for completion by end-2011, the project was delayed due to the escalating cost of building materials and the global financial crisis.

PHOTO: Youth Olympic Games, with a gallery to accommodate 30000 spectators.

Replying to a question by MP Michael Palmer of Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, Teo said work on the development is expected to be completed by end-2013 or early-2014. “With the gradual recovery of the financial markets, the preferred bidder for the Sports Hub launched a funding competition late last year ... This funding competition has drawn considerable interests from banks,” he said.

While legal documents and agreements related to the project were still a work-in-progress, he reiterated that work on the Sports Hub will start by the middle of this year.

PHOTO: Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Song Project

As the first hosts of the Youth Olympics, Teo pointed out that Singapore will be setting the benchmark for future Games, and urged Singaporeans to come out in support of Team Singapore and the whole event.

PHOTO: LIKE all the best sporting victories, the logo design for 2010 Youth Olympic

Starting in July, the Youth Olympic Flame will be travelling across the world ... there will be a local community leg when the flame comes to Singapore and we will invite volunteers to join us in the journey,” he said.

PHOTO: Winners for “ Our Journey, Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games Exhibition

Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong is expected to announce plans for the flame trek on Friday. Added Teo: “Everybody will be an ambassador. It is the people’s event; it is our event. This is going to happen only once in your lifetime because the Olympics will never come this close again.
by Low Lin Fhoong,

PHOTO: Asafa POWELL and Dexter LEE with Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games