Friday, March 12, 2010

Farewell for now, until the next time

Some last words before it is too late.


Very few things remain forever in this world. The moments which we have together will remain in our memories for a long time to come. What counts most are those that remain in the hearts of all fellow colleagues - the many happy and sad moments. Throughout the years those moments are the strong binding forces that bring us closer together. The strong relationships have brought us through the many difficult times.

The small little things which you have done for us may seem insignificant at that time. They have enable us to survive the darkest hour and coming out stronger. Without your quiet help, life in the company won't be so meaningful.


Our journeys are indeed long and difficult. At times we wonder whether our old bones are able to withstand the tough situations. Your kind helps have been a source of strength and comforts during those difficult times. Thank you very much.

No amount of words can express our appreciation. Everybody knows that we are being placed in the very dangerous position beneath the axe. Every moment is expecting the fearful truth. It has been fearfully obvious that the axe will drop down again and at a furious rate. An immediate deployment is the next best hope during these continuous crises.


Along the way we met many people. We have the opportunities to grow rich in work experiences as well as relationship with others. We become more mature and value all those around us. The more we treasured our colleagues, the greater the impact when they are told to leave from our lab. Until today we still have fond memories of the times which we had together with our ex-colleagues. We really wish and hope that they can start off and become successfully happy in their new environment.

While the company is in the midst of migrating to Hong Kong, it is heartening to see the loyal employees still standing by stoically, although almost worn out, due to the continuous manpower cutting. Most have started working for the company since young until now becoming old auntie and uncles. Most probably not wanted anymore elsewhere.


It is with heartfelt painfulness to realise the cruel reality of this world. Whether we have to leave the company or this world, we will have to go. When the strong wind stops blowing and the dusts have settled, the once tired auntie and uncles will rest in peace and forgotten.

Could this be the reward of being loyal and hardworking?Or is loyalty and plain hardworking is not enough?Integrity and loyalty in the economic world is not as valuable as dollars and cents.

Maybe $omething to do with the bottom-line must be achieved by some higher groups at the expense of the other human beings. Thereafter, empty darkness for most people, and sunshine for the selected few?


No matter how we look at it, we once exhibit emotional strength, courage and selfless love for a certain emotionless, cold and heartless employer. We only have the option to admit being naive, stupid and useless. Time has past and there is still no return path. We have climbed the difficult wall only to discover that it is the wrong one. We have carried the heavy load until the end, only to learn that all the painstaking efforts are going down the drain.

More often than not, the correct abilities and skills produce the more perfect piece of work. It also benefits those making use of it. However this situation may not materialise when someone in authority is out to destroy the almost completed work. For some reason best known to themselves, the work must be diminished to a sub-standard level before submitting to the next level. All the hardwork to collect information and presenting it in the best possible manner is now erased at the blink of the eye, reflecting only incompetency and worthlessness.

The world still value meritocracy only when it does not jeopardise their interest. Otherwise the protective animal instinct prevails. The gentlemen who does not realise their "mistakes" fast enough will surely be cut off by the ruling dinosaur. Dinosaurs are not favourite animals because they inherit the fox's pretentious quality and hypocrisy.

With top leaders fully occupied with their own troubles, what hope do the lowest subordinates have?

For most of us, this is indeed one more chapter closed and we are coming home again for a long rest.

Our $alary will surely not come in again until the next opening.