Monday, April 30, 2018

Beautiful World

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Flower of Italy
PHOTO:  Flower of Italy
"My minds eye had been working again so we decided to make a last photoshoot with me in the wall with the Hortensia's."
Picture by Sesshofan, Photography / People & Portraits / Cosplay,  DeviantArt

Nature has most awe-inspiring sights and magnificent happenings in our planet's majesty. Once in a while our mind just drift away as we browse through beautiful places in the world.

Street in small town in Italy in summer
Arts, drawing and graphics do the same wonders as beautiful places. Beautiful mysterious scenes easily attract attentions and tenderly embrace our sensual desires. Nature and greenery offers fresh secret delights that is not possible in our always busy world.

Dark fantasy or erotic little extras lift our spirit beyond the normal expectation and caused irregular heart-beats. We are ingenious in creating what others like but unable to offer. As usual, whatever is God's permitted pleasures, we can go ahead and enjoy. But remember that our appreciation for our creator's creations should not surpasses our love for our creator.

kaal Meisies
PHOTO: kaal Meisies
PHOTO: Nudism outside in nature
Joy of hiking, sensual and happybeingbare without conflicting interest is the correct way. In this case nothing can hinders the bare truth. The magnificent landscape view is what we want, . . . . right?
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Japan Style, Half naked, Sexy and Mysterious women painting
PHOTO: Japan Style, Half naked, Sexy and Mysterious women painting
Picture posted by GMZM.ORG 光明之门

By Beautiful World, Photography

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