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Stamp - Reservoirs of Singapore

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World Water Day 2012 Celebrated on the Reservoirs of Singapore Stamp Issue
Date of Issue: 22 March 2012

PHOTO: Reservoirs of Singapore - Set of Stamps
Illustrated by Singapore Urban Sketcher’s artist, Don Low, the commemorative stamps features 10 designs of Singapore’s reservoirs.
Date Of Issue : 22 Mar, 2012
Local Price : S$ 3.80
Overseas Price : S$ 3.80;jsessionid=ZDP4PJ0RVWlS5LDWJptZwnz612myHSnJpTJl15vswNKvRzq7hWNv!-1105376238?itemSku=CSD12@^CSD12AST

Singapore, 21 March 2012 – To celebrate World Water Day 2012, SingPost will be issuing a commemorative stamp issue, Reservoirs of Singapore, in 10 designs featuring reservoirs of the country’s drinking water supply.

Observed every year on 22 March, the World Water Day, an initiative that grew out of the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED), aims to raise global awareness on the importance of water and advocates for the sustainable management of water resources.

PHOTO: Reservoirs of Singapore - Presentation Pack
Date Of Issue : 22 Mar, 2012
Local Price : S$ 5.65
Overseas Price : S$ 5.30^CSD12PR

PHOTO: Reservoirs of Singapore - Artprint with Folder
*Limited quantity only!*
Date Of Issue : 22 Mar, 2012
Local Price : S$ 29.90
Overseas Price : S$ 27.95^CSD12AFL

Stamps Commemorating World Water Day 2012
The five reservoirs illustrated on the 1st Local stamps are the Jurong Lake, Punggol Reservoir, Lower Seletar Reservoir, Serangoon Reservoir and Marina Reservoir; and on the 50-cents stamp, Lower Peirce Reservoir, MacRitchie Reservoir, Bedok Reservoir, Pandan Reservoir and Upper Seletar Reservoir.

PHOTO: Jurong Lake

PHOTO: Punggol Reservoir

PHOTO: Lower Seletar Reservoir

PHOTO: Serangoon Reservoir

PHOTO: Marina Reservoir

PHOTO: Lower Peirce Reservoir

PHOTO: MacRitchie Reservoir

PHOTO: Bedok Reservoir

PHOTO: Pandan Reservoir

PHOTO: Upper Seletar Reservoir

Besides this set of 10 stamps worth S$3.80, other stamp products of this issue include a set of two Pre-cancelled First Day Covers affixed with stamps (S$5.35) and the Presentation Pack (S$5.65). All first day covers will be cancelled with the Reservoirs of Singapore datestamp.

PHOTO: Set of 10 stamps worth S$3.80

All these stamp products will be on sale from 22 March 2012 at all post offices and the Singapore Philatelic Museum. Orders can also be made at SingPost’s online shopping portal vPOST,

World Water Day 2012 Activities
• Limited edition art prints of the Reservoirs of Singapore stamp issue on sale
In conjunction with the World Water Day celebrations on 24 March 2012, SingPost will specially issue a set of limited edition art prints of the Reservoirs of Singapore stamp issue priced at S$29.90. SODA members will enjoy a discounted price of S$25. This limited edition art prints will only be available on sale on 24 March 2012 at SingPost booth at the Marina Barrage. Orders can also be made at SingPost’s online shopping portal vPOST, SODA members can send in their orders via the special order form posted to them.

• Mini-stamp exhibition
There will be a mini-stamp exhibition showcasing stamps and postcards relating to the theme, water - our precious resource at the Marina Barrage. The Reservoirs of Singapore stamp issue will also be on display.

• Autograph session
Additionally, there will be an autograph session with the designer of the Reservoirs of Singapore stamp issue, Don Low.

PHOTO: The artist, Don Low, autographing prints of Reservoirs of Singapore illustrations at World Water Day

Don is a fulltime illustrator for books, magazines and advertising agencies and his specialties include character design, animation designs, creating storyboards, and comics. His favourite traditional media includes watercolor, pen & ink, pencil and acrylics. He works digitally with all Adobe programs, Corel Painter and Autodesk Maya, specialising in 3D modelling, texture painting and CG lighting. He hopes to publish his comic books and work full time on his animated film. He is also a member of the Urban Sketchers, a local sketching group.

PHOTO: Pre-cancelled First-Day Cover affixed with stamps S$5.35*

Items on Sale Price
First Day Cover (without stamps) S$0.25*
Complete set of stamps S$3.80
Pre-cancelled First-Day Cover affixed with stamps S$5.35*
Presentation Pack S$5.65*

Technical Details
Date of Issue : 22 March 2012
Denominations : 1st Local x 5 designs and 50-stamp x 5 designs
Stamp Size : 50mm x 40mm
Perforation : 14.40 x 14.00
Paper : Unwatermarked
Printing Process : Offset Lithography
Printer : Southern Colour Print
Sheet Content : 10 stamps per sheet
Designer : Don Low

* Prices inclusive of prevailing GST for purchases within Singapore