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Need inspiration? go out and seek it

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By Geoff Tan,

PHOTO: This stunning phenomena is known as the 'smile in the sky'.
Rare upside-down rainbow spotted in the UK, 17th September 2008

The writer is a senior vice-president of Singapore Press Holdings' marketing division.

The word "inspiration" is defined on as "the stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity".

For the late scientist Isaac Newton, this stimulation is a physical one - legend has it that he was sitting below a tree when a falling apple hit him on his head, and, in a stroke of brilliant insight, he suddenly came up with his theory of gravity.

PHOTO: Isaac Newton, researching scientist who made an important contribution to science

Sometimes, the most phenomenal successes arise from the most basic origins. At other times, they stem from stepping out of one's comfort zone into the new and unknown.

PHOTO: 天之虹 (tiān zhī hóng) - Rainbow days

Take the case of Apple founder Steve Jobs. He took the bold step of hiring people from outside the computing profession. He learnt calligraphy after dropping out from college, which had no practical use to him at that time; it later influenced the typographic features of the first Apple Macintosh.

He studied European cars and appliances for product ideas, and evaluated The Four Seasons hotel chain as he developed the customer-service model for Apple stores.


Ideas are never entirely new. Locking yourself away and staring into blank space is certainly not the way to be innovative. The right stimulus can usher our minds into elevated realms of thought and this provides insights that can enhance our lives in many ways.

Besides leading to commercial success, inspiration can also enthuse (to cause to become enthusiastic) us to be the best we can be.

lt was not until I joined a gym that I discovered the benefit of going to one. lt is not the state-of-the-art machines, the membership status that I could flaunt or the hot babes who strut (to display in order to impress others) their stuff there, but the fact that gym classes inspire me to physically achieve so much more, to push myself past my limits.

PHOTO: Nothing is Impossible

Recently, my sister told me that her musically talented son, Jonas, wanted to take a year off university to live on his own and work.

Apparently, he feels so sheltered and comfortable living at home - there are no new experiences in his life to provide inspiration - that his songwriting had stagnated to a plateau.

I told her I could understand that as some of the best songs out there tackle real-life issues that the songwriters faced personally.

PHOTO: Go ahead, seek out your inspirations and you are on your way to create your perfect home...
Photo by Edyta Czajkowska
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So, if there is a business you are thinking of setting up, a sport you are interested to take up, a lifestyle change you want to embark on, a diet you are determined to try out - all these will turn out better if you seek inspiration to hinge your pursuits on.

PHOTO: Romantic Night !!!

Believe me - it makes the journey so much more exciting!
By Geoff Tan,
The writer is a senior vice-president of Singapore Press Holdings' marketing division.

PHOTO: New Beginning All we have to do is be willing to work hard and to shine our light in a very dark world.
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我的字典: Wǒ de zì diǎn

Insight: 领悟 - lǐng wù
Typographic: 印刷的 - yìn shuā de
Flaunt: 炫耀 - xuàn yào
Stagnated: 停滞 - tíng zhì

PHOTO: Romantic Night !!!