Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fond Farewell

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Quality Lab (HW & SW)

It has been many years.

Every morning with the ever smiling greetings and then the rush of morning activities, machineries, equipments and computers are turned on for the day's tasks. Sets are taken, unpacked and setup for the required tests. Later loud blast of audio filled the air and TV screen lighted with the familiar video of the happy singing frogs, and flying butterflies among the lush greenery. The environment busses with the exciting chatting and humorous exchange. Somebody's fair butts are required to judge some injustices.

Soon this will be no more.

The coffee aroma has barely settled down when the news is received. This is the day when the sun stops shinning and darkness resides the world.
Our quality lab will close down and the testings will be done elsewhere. Life carry on as usual for the rest of the company, but as for us, we will miss the gentle voice and helping hands, giving the necessary directions to tunnel through the mountains of difficulties. Our staffs, leaders and engineers are always promptly at hand to put things right whenever a problem arises. We cannot imagine the consequences without them around. These people are special. Their efforts and actions have touched our heart and we are very grateful of their care and concern.

We still remember the many happy moments we shared together. Not long ago we were flying kites at Marina Bay Sand, BBQ happily at west coast and playing hilariously at East Coast. We hold hands, tied ourselves and joined forces to pit in friendly matches. The rules were simple to follow and the fun was great. We enjoyed tremendously. All these were possible because of the group of people who has worked quietly behind the scene, organising such wonderful and highly co-operative events. Such fond memories will remain in our heart for a long time to come. There were many lasting impressions and unforgettable moments of friendships and family bonding.

But now is the time, now is the moment, we have to separate.

Many had been with the company since their younger days. From morning till night, from young till old, from single till married, and from own generation till another generation. The young girls and men whom we once know had become parents and grandparents. 5, 10, ..., 30 and more years had passed. It is heartening to see them still standing by stoically, when the company need them most. They braved through the fierce storms and worst crises that came regularly with ferocious might. Their sacrifices and loyalties will be remembered and treasured. Without them, we won't be where we are today.

But tomorrow we will go back to be alone again.

Along the way we met many people. We have the opportunities to grow rich in work experiences as well as relationship with others. We become more mature and value all those around us. The more we treasured our colleagues and the working environments, the greater the impact, when we are told to leave from our lab. No amount of words can express our feelings adequately. We may pretend that all are insignificant but our hearts are still painful. Everybody is still important to us.

Our journeys are indeed long and difficult. At times we wonder whether our old bones are able to withstand the tough situations. The kind helps have been a source of strength and comforts during those difficult times. We appreciate all that could be done for us. Thank you very much.

"If you look closer you’ll see …the track of my tears."

Fond farewell gives one more chance to meaningfully connect us, who are leaving, and those who are left behind.

Our partings words....

When the nights follow the days
Our friendship will always stay

No matter how far you maybe

You will always be in my memories.


May your days be many and your troubles are few.

May all God's blessings descend upon you.

May peace be within you, May your heart be strong...

May you find what you're seeking wherever you roam.

(Irish Toast)

PHOTO: A Fond Farewell...

PHOTO: Fond Farewell

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Bye Bye! ... and take care!