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Star Awards 红星大奖 2011 - 白薇秀 (bái wēi xiù) - Joanne Peh

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TODAYonline, Published at 1:01 am, April 25, 2011

PHOTO: Go go Joanne

Who would have thought that Joanne Peh’s first hosting gig would land her the award for Best Info-ed Programme Host? We managed to get a one-on-one with the birthday girl pre-show before she hit the red carpet to find out what who’s her thick-skinned pick for the Best Actress Award and what she really feels about this annual bash.

Tell us, what’s the feeling you get before going for the Star Awards?
It’s always very exciting It’d always be something new even though you may have done it many times before. Walking the red carpet feels new as you’re going to wear a new outfit … And a lot of things can happen. You don’t really know what to expect.

PHOTO: Joanne Peh takes surprise “Best Info-Ed Programme Host” win

Can we say Star Awards is an event you look forward to?
I have mixed feelings about it. On one the hand, it’s very nerve wrecking and very stressful. Because there is so much hype about it, especially if you’re nominated and there are people talking about whether you’ll win this year.

It’s so stressful to deal with all that
pressure. For that part it’s like, oh man it’s so stressful I don’t want to deal with it. On the other hand it’s a really nice feeling for everybody to get together, showcase what you have done in a year and reward those who have done well. That is what I look forward to.

There’s part of me which want to be one of the nominees, and part of me which thinks wouldn’t it be nice to sit back and just watch? But I had a lot of fun last night at the rehearsal. Everybody was in their most comfortable outfits sitting around just talking and joking. It was a great occasion for all the artistes to get together because as we don’t always get to see each other.

Do you think Star Awards is necessary?
Yes I think it’s absolutely necessary. It’s created to reward people for a job well done. It’s also serves as a motivation to produce better work and to keep people wanting to do more.

What do you think are your chances tonight as you’re up for three awards?
I don’t Know, I know I’ve got people calling up for me for the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes so I am hoping I can go up and thank them for that. As for info-Ed host, competition is very strong but at the same time, there’s been a lot of effort and support from the public.

And who’s your pick for Best Actress?
That’s a difficult one. It’s tough when you ‘re in the competition as well. But if I had to choose … of course I would say myself. We are all biased for ourselves. So pick me, lah! Pick me!

What are your after party plans?
My call time is at 6 am tomorrow and it’s my birthday! All I want is my ice cream cake from cold stone.

Perhaps your boyfriend Bobby Tonnelli will be waiting with a cold stone ice cream cake when you finish work?
By TODAYonline, Published at 1:01 am, April 25, 2011

PHOTO: Nick Shen and Constance Song have already busted out the booze, and it’s only 6.30pm.

PHOTO: Constance Song

PHOTO: Joanne Peh takes surprise “Best Info-Ed Programme Host” win