Thursday, September 16, 2010

3D Pictures I

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PHOTO: Corpseplant.

Types of 3D Images
Callipygian 3D lets you generate two types of 3D image: Anaglyphs, where the left and right channels are separated by colors, and Stereo Cards, where the left and right images are printed side-by side and viewed with a special viewer.


Callipygian 3D Photo Editing Software
Callipygian 3D Photo Editing Software --a fast, easy way to generate full-color anaglyph (red/cyan and other modes) images from a pair of stereo images, as well as Holmes stereo cards. The software automatically handles images of different sizes, and lets you quickly and easily select a region of interest, position the stereo window, adjust a screen-resolution representation, and generate a full-resolution image.

1. Read the Manual (pdf)

2. Download the install file. (
.msi file, requires Microsoft installer or Windows XP).

It's a free-download (no strings!), and comes with NO WARRANTY, express or implied. Windows XP with Service Pack 2 recommended.

3. See a tutorial on making 3D pictures with an ordinary digital camera

4. Questions or comments? Email


You can generate several different types of color and black-and-white Anaglyphs:

Red Cyan Full Color
Default mode that takes the Red component from the Left image, and the Cyan component from the Right Image

Red Cyan Tweaked Color
Similar to above, but with primary colors (R, G, B) desaturated to reduce retinal rilvalry.

Red Cyan Graysale Red
The left channel is converted to Grayscale using the NTSC YUV colorspace and mapped to the red channel. This makes an easier-to-see 3D image, at the expense of color fidelity.

Red Cyan Black White
Both Left and Right are converted to Grayscale. This makes an easy-to-see 3D image, but with no color information.

Green Magenta Full Color
Uses Green/Magenta instead of Red/Cyan. For LCD projectors viewed with polarized glasses on a sliver screen

Magenta Green Full Color
Uses Magenta/Green instead of Red/Cyan, as above

PHOTO: 米兰达-可儿也玩3D风 幸运女万千宠爱在一身 - Youngsters in Milan Da (in Canada) are also crazy about the lucky female nude 3D
Mǐ lán dá kě ér yě wán 3D fēng xìng yùn nǚ wàn qiān chǒng 'ài zài yì shēn

PHOTO: For best results, use Red left/Green right 3D Glasses or eyepiece filters.