Monday, April 20, 2009

Out Standing Treatments

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At first it is just a thought.

Then this thought becomes the dangerous seed of an idea.

The idea germinates and starts sprouting troubles.

Mercilessly chop down its network branches.

Branches that are still flowering and bearing fruits.

Login accounts are brutally DISABLED.

Computers CANNOT login.

Pleading falls on deaf ears (OFF by default).

Those helpless are seen by open, but blind eyes (with built in filters).

The environment is contaminated with new ideas to bring more hardship and misery.

Any attempts to better things are futile and brutally squashed.
Only feeling of helplessness remains. Already resign to the cruel fate.

Sadly, the freedom to strike is permitted by the dumb ruling "mighty",

Who has full of self-declared righteousness.

Exercise "Weight throwing feats" again and again.

Achievement is at the expenses of others.

The now Proclaimed Master begins the senseless journey of sadistic torture.

Supporters gleefully carried out search and destroy missions.

Every now and then, the workplace is RAIDED.

And they love to RAID when least expected, maximizing damages.

Then they smile with happiness and joy.

The poor workers' workload increase (unnecessary) and quality drops.

The aggressors take time off to smoke and discuss the next move.

While they smoke, the workers braced themselves for the next attack.

As the energy level becomes lower and lower, people become more and more stress.

The boss wants more explanations.

Add stacks of papers with instructions to follow.

Add more stacks of paper with "unfinalized reference" guide, for daily activities reports.

Everybody suffered silently.

Their head lower with weariness.

Their hearts sank by the minutes.

Their "Heads" detaches and attaches to the other side within seconds.

Waiting for the coming deliverer to lift them out of the gloom.

The sun is nowhere in sight, darkness replaces everything.

The sickening thin scarecrow hungrily waits to create the next disaster.

Another disaster is on the way . . . . ......

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The following chinese sayings appropriately describes the situations.

不屈不挠 - fortitude; indefatigability; perseverance; tenacity, unyielding; indomitable; dauntless
bù qū bù náo

眼花缭乱 - dazzled
yǎn huā liáo luàn

头昏眼花 - muddle-headed and bleary-eyed
tóu hūn yǎn huā

心慌意乱 - be nervous and flustered; in a state of extreme emotional intensity
xīn huāng yì luàn

心慌缭乱 - in a confused state of mind; in a state of extreme emotional intensity
xīn huāng liáo luàn

心绪缭乱 - in a confused state of mind
xīn xù liáo luàn

心慌意乱,不知所措 - gets nervous and flustered and doesn't know what to do
xīn huāng-yì luàn,bù zhī suǒ cuò

精神错乱 - mentally deranged; insane
jīng shén cuò luàn

精神分裂 - schizophrenia
jīng shén fēn liè

近水楼台 - be favourably situated
jìn shuǐ lóu tái

近水楼台先得月 - a waterside pavilion gets the moonlight first-a person in a favourable position gains special advantages
jìn shuǐ lóu tái xiān dé yuè

善解人意 - considerate, unselfish
shàn jiě rén yì

束手无策 - Be at one’s wits end; Helpless, no other way out
shù shǒu wú cè

心如止水 - Stop and don't care; to be at peace with oneself
xīn rú zhǐ shuǐ

心灰意冷 - Gave up, hopeless feeling
xīn huī yì lěng

心旷神怡 - relaxed and joyful; carefree and happy
xīn kuàng shén yí

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Han Yu Pin Yin by Clavis Sinica Chinese Text Annotator developed by a faculty member at the University of Michigan as a supplementary learning tool for English-speaking students of the Chinese language. © Copyright Clavis Sinica 2008