Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fruitful Morning

It is just another sunday morning shopping with my sister. We were on our way to the nearby supermarket when we saw the "Ribena“ Fruit.

Long time ago we used to live in Kampong area and our parents were full-time farmers. We had a small farm planting vegetables, fruit trees, and rearing pigs and chickens. We had wonderful time helping whenever we were free from school studies.

I remember one day we came upon a plant growing with this ribena-like fruits in a remote part of our farm. We took special interest and later managed to cultivate some dozen plants out of curiousity. Sometime later, those plants really grew to about 1m in height with support, and had a lot of fruits. We checked around and found that they were edible. My parent put them in plain water, boiled it and made drinks. After adding some sugar, they tasted just like the ribena drinks from the market.

Later the plants died, and as time goes by we forgot about it. Almost twenty years later, we were surprised that such plant still exist and decided to take some pictures of it.
TV Channel "RTM 1" (from Malaysia) ever show a documentary about this plant.

"Ribena" Fruit - 1

"Ribena" Fruit - 2

"Ribena" Fruit - 3

"Ribena" Fruit - 4

"Ribena" Plant

The "Ribena" fruits

The actual plant: It can grow taller with support

A short distant away another pleasant surprise await us - a small HDB gardening corner with local plants bearing fruits.

This garden is looked after by our HDB Aunties. The place is very well kept, well managed and spotless clean. No unwanted weed can be spotted. This is really a World Class recreational activity by ordinary heartlanders.

The aunties must be very happy creating this garden. We can see that their meticulous effort are bearing a lot of fruits!

Our Heartlander Auntie tending the garden

Another Heartlander Auntie tending another bed

A bed with Papaya and tropical Bougainvillea plant

Another Similiar bed with bigger Papaya plant

Star fruit, Chille plant and "Bua Gu Long Long" ?

Star fruit plant with more than 8 fruits

A Starfruit

Flowering leave, plant (Sunflower?)

A full grown Sharp-Pointing Spinach vegetable

Small Chillie Plant - 1 (Also known as Chillie Padi)

Chillie Plant - 2

Chillie Plant - 3

Chillie Plant - 4

Ladies Finger (Okra)