Friday, August 8, 2014

Wiki: Selfie is monkey's business, not cam owner's

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By mypaper,, Agencies, Published on Aug 08, 2014

SAY 'BANANAS': The selfie by the monkey.
PHOTO: SAY 'BANANAS': The selfie by the monkey.


WIKIMEDIA, the non-profit organisation that created and maintains the Wikipedia website, is rejecting a photographer's request that a selfie of a monkey taken with his camera be removed on copyright grounds, Britain's Telegraph newspaper reported.

According to the Telegraph, the photo is a so-called "selfie" created when the crested black macaque monkey grabbed the camera, pushed a button and shot a self-portrait.

David Slater had travelled to Indonesia in 2011 to photograph crested black macaques. One of the monkeys got curious about his camera after he set it up, and managed to snap hundreds of selfies before Slater got it back under his control. Most were out of focus, but one of the monkey flashing a grin has become relatively famous.

Wikipedia said the monkey, rather than the photographer, owns the copyright to the photo, so the photographer has no rights to the image, according to the newspaper.

By mypaper,, Agencies, Published on Aug 08, 2014