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Single and therefore more suitable to work on Sundays

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Angie Eng, 0734 PM Aug 03, 2011

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Posted on Sunday, August 29, 2010, by One Single Impression

A friend of mine in her late 20s who is working for a local statutory board was informed recently by her management that she is rostered to stand by on a Sunday, as an event is scheduled to take place.

The reason given to her was that she is "single with no kids, so suitable for Sunday".

This discrimination against unmarried employees is a shame. Even though singles have no obligation to children, they, too, have the right to a life outside of work.

Many singles I know of bury themselves in work so often that they miss out on having a normal social life.

The government is now encouraging young Singaporeans to tie the knot, have more children to alleviate the greying population. Bosses should encourage employees, regardless of marital status, to have a work-life balance.

In my friend's case, it would be more appropriate if the management decides the roster based on merit or ballot, rather than assuming that singles have no family obligations and, therefore, are more suited to work on Sundays.

As far as we know, singles are not paid more than their married colleagues to be automatically listed for more work hours.