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Asian Youth Games - Thank You For Watching

Thank You For Watching the 1st Asian Youth Games 2009
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There are many worries and hardships from the start of the AYG, especially for the volunteer students, having to cope with their studies at the same time. Many circumstances are very unforgiving. School Homeworks and Project Assignments must still be submitted on time.

This is the Time, this is the Moment (Gallery)

After a day of official duties, students come home late to struggle (often with their parents or guardians) late into the night, to finish the day's school work
. As dawn draws near there is still no relief. There are still many unfinished tasks to be accomplished, ASAP.
Take leave from work in this uncertain time, could face the final music from the company. We may be told not to bother coming any more.

This is the Time, this is the Moment (Gallery)

Events like this one is never smooth going. There are countless moments of anxiety and stress because of the unknowns. I have known of instances of last minutes meetings, briefings, trainings and arrangements for the next days. We then begin to wonder what has happen to our world-class management abilities

Diving Day 2 - Dang, Tram Anh (VIE) about to exit her tuck position
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Along the way, influenza A (H1N1) strikes mercilessly. At that time there is no comforting words that the virus is not so deadly. We are to believe that death could be imminent and taking precaution is a necessity. The number of community cases escalated alarmingly until we become listed as one of the dangerous countries affected by the virus.

Even our neighbour country, Malaysia, decided to pull out partially from the competition. Two other countries pull out because they are affected by the virus. At this moment a 49-year with heart problem is confirmed dead with H1N1.
Our community cases have long since cross the 1000 mark.

Diving Day 2 - Dina Maria Natalie swings her arm as she exists a somersault
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Initially, there is no Gold winner for us but fortunately the strain is broken by the first Gold medal from bowling, by New Hui Fen. Thereafter the golds keep on coming until the 9th.

Everybody is happy because we discover that we actually can do well in sports. Our youths are capable of making us proud of our country. When the medals keep on increasing, we realise that many people have been working behind the scene, all this time, quietly promoting the sport's events.

Diving Day 2 - Khoemenkova Anastasiya (UZB), in the tuck position as she leaves the 3m springboard
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We cannot help it, but secretly feel excited and delighted whenever our flag is raise to the highest. This is the time, this is the moment which we are hoping for and we succeed. Our sons and daughters are carrying our flag high again and again!

Diving Day 2 - Kim Nami (KOR) looks down as she prepares to plunge vertically into the water

This is definitely the most glamorous moment for all parents and elders. Because "my babies, ah boy and ah girl have make it". All mother on earth are the same; very very happy when their youngs achieve national awards and appreciations.

Diving Day 2 - Liu, Tian (CHN) in the 3m springboard finals

The many uncles and aunties who have quietly scarifying their time and efforts to support the events also beam with joy, and experience everlasting happiness. Their efforts are not wasted.

Diving Day 2 - Nalus Natassia Marie (PHI), in the Girl's 3m springboard, Preliminaries

The cleaners, bus drivers, officials, planners, hawkers, teachers, principals, ministers, leaders and many others ... will soon be forgotten. Very sad but that is the harsh fact.

Diving Day 2 - Nalus Natassia Marie (PHI) about to enter the water

The worries and hardships, obstacles, unhappiness, perspirations, pains, discomforts, H1N1 and stress will also be forgotten - until the next events.

Diving Day 2 - Nyunt Soe Sandar (MYA) extending her arms as she prepares to plunge vertically into the water

Lets start looking forward to next year's First Olympic Youth Game (OYG) from 14 to 26 August 2010, with Singapore as the host once more.

Hopefully all that is learned and gained is useful for the coming event. Keeping our fingers relax and enjoy the coming National Day.

爱你不变情意长 (Love you with the same deep affectionate attachment) by 黄晓君 Huang Xiao Jin & The Stylers
ài nǐ bú biàn qíng yì cháng

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为什么抛弃我 (Why abandoned me) by 张小英 Zhang Xiao Ying & The Travellers
wèi shén me pāo qì wǒ
Picture is from, Created by Alvin EH Tan, July 2008

含泪的分手(The tears of breaking up) by 张小英 Zhang Xiao Ying & The Stylers.jpg
hán lèi de fēn shǒu
Picture is from, Created by Alvin EH Tan, June 2008

含泪的分手(The tears of breaking up) by 张小英 Zhang Xiao Ying & The Stylers.jpg
hán lèi de fēn shǒu
Picture is from, Created by Alvin EH Tan, June 2008