Sunday, June 28, 2009

Asian Youth Games Volunteers - 5,000 to play host

Extracted from Friday June 12, 2009 TODAY, News 19
By Ong dai Lin,

In Secondary school, Ng Li Hui’s main role in the student council executive committee was to organise and lead its cheerleading teams.

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Now a Jurong Junior College student, the 17-year-old is putting her people skills to use again as a student liaison officer for the inaugural Asian Youth Games (AYG).

She has been assigned to take care of the athletes from Qatar. “I have to make sure they get to their competition venues on time and (that they) get their meals. There will be daily briefings during the Games with my teacher-incharge who will tell me what the athletes want and what to do for them.

Li Hui is one of 4,600 student volunteers from more than 170 schools who will help out at the AYG from June 29 to July 7.

The volunteers will undertake roles like ushers, medal bearers and student liaison officers.

The participation is about learning how to play host to foreign delegates. It’s about experiencing what it’s like to be an ambassador for Singapore,” said AYG organising committee co-chairman Sum Chee Wah.

According to the Ministry of Education (MOE), the largest number of student volunteers is from Cedar Girls’ Secondary School and CHIJ St Theresa’s Convent.

Each school has around 200 students in the “School Adopts a Sport Venue” initiative who will assist sports officials in managing the sports venues to be used.

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As for those students not directly involved in the AYG, Ms Sum said that the organisers “hope to involve them in as many ways as possible”. Giving an example, she said that the 45 schools selected for the torch relay will rope in other schools in their vicinity for the event. In this way, more students will be involved.

Healthwise, Ms Sum said that MOE will “observe the H1N1 situation and respond to the situation based on the advice given by the Ministry of Health”.

Picture is obtained from MY PAPER FRIDAY JUNE 9, 2009 - Page A16 (Trees and the sea)

More than 500 MOE staff and teachers are also involved in AYG
. The teachers will act as liaison officers, help to organise events, and guide students on the setting up of Asian Cultural Booths in the games village.

Mr Elliot Lee, a physical education teacher at Beatty Secondary School, will help man the information desk at the games village. The 39-year-old coach of his school’s badminton team told Today: “This is a good opportunity for me to learn. I can get pointers ... and use them when I need to run school events in the future.

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Best hopes and wishes that the AYG will have a fruitful completion, even as the number of H1N1 cases keeps on increasing. At current time, 599 have caught the virus, with 145 from today.

To those plagued down by poor health, take heart and do not give up, You will not be completing the journey alone. With our combined efforts and prayers, there will be rays of light and hope through the thick layers of obstacles.