Sunday, December 14, 2008


丢人现眼 “to lose face, embarrassing”
Dīu rén Xìan yǎn

心惊胆跳 “scared the heart out”
Xīn jīng dǎn tìao

,不可忘恩负义“Think of the mentor , do not be ungrateful”
Yín shuǐ sī yuàn, bù kè wàng ēn fù yì

Being retrenched is accompanied by "losing face" and some moments of anxiety. The shock can be as great as being hit by an UFO. For employee, the feeling of having ungrateful management is very intense. Ultimately in this very cruel and harsh world, we will learn that the famous "Nobody owns Anybody a living" is a very realistic statement. Once an employee is deem "non-contributable", he will be "executed / Cut Off" immediately. Just like a diabetic foot.

The executors may not be very fair judges. They are just like any human beings, who practice "the strongest survives". They will mercilessly execute those who are less beneficial to them, without bating an eyelid. The executors may even preach about "saving cost to save jobs". However they explained that it is utmost necessary to "cut jobs to save cost".

The idea that the livings can help the unfortunates appears to be just grandmother stories. The small remains small and will be told to disappear. They are just to make way for the "better" ones, before, now and ever after.

This is all very meaningless. Loyalty and integrity has no value in bad times.

It has happened and will continue to happen.

This vicious phenomenon launches waves after waves of attacks.

Who on earth can save us?

No Job - Odd Todd

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