Sunday, November 2, 2008

Mango Tree at Lorong Napiri road - Part 2

Lorong Napiri during the morning. The trees provide the necessary cooling shade. This the view from Yio Chu Kang road.

Lorong Napiri view towards Yio Chu Kang road. It is quiet sunday morning without any traffic. In the normal days there will be a lot of cars bringing in the students to Bowen Secondary School on the left.

The mangoes at the Salvation Army Home (Gracehaven)

This mango tree is just below our apartment. There is not many fruits and the tree are thick with leaves. The sunlight is block out.

I went back to the mango tree inside the Gracehaven home. This time the sunlight were very strong but still managed to take some good pictures.

The green mango inside the shade remains as before, hidden.

Some of the "hidden" green mangoes can be partially seen when I zoomed the camera into it. It is still not possible to take a very good picture showing all the fruits. The tree has very dense leaves.

The mangoes are very nice but the camera is unable to bring out its roundness and "3D" effect. The light reflection is too strong.

The mangoes in the shade is seen partially. Maybe if I have a very strong flash, the black part can be lighten up sufficiently.

The round mango should be very sweet because it is exposed to all the sunlight. Photosynthesis should have the benefits of able to manufacture food quickly.

Very huge looking fruit after zooming all the way into the tree.

There is the blue sky and clear foreground which makes this picture more attractive.

The mangoes can be seen clearly and the shade give some cool relief.

The fence is the main obstacle to take some more better picture. Anyway, the fruits remain healthy looking and appears to be growing.

The unberlla shaped mango tree with the clear blue sky behind. One day the fruit will turn yellow or reddish. Can we see that day?

The view with many mangoes hanging on the tree. Some are quite big and delicious looking.

A nice view with cooling relief because of the shade in the picture.

The strong sunlight is makes the mangoes appears white among the greens.

The harsh morning sun with heat that is starting to burn.

The sunlight is very strong. I could feel the heat while trying to take the pictures.

This hospital is sponsored by a temple. It is called Bright Vision Hospital but there is no emergency department.

This row of bamboo plants provides the folktales Romanticism.

This picture is taken when the sun is out strongly. It was a very sunny morning! The clear blue sky adds some attraction to the photo.

A palm tree in Bowen Secondary School, with its "Fruits".

These small black seeding grow in branches and takes long time to ripen. I do not know which living thing will use it for food.

This photo comes out very nice because of the green palm leave at the background.

One of the biggest branch of "Fruits" in the whole plant. No sign of any of them deteriorating.

Fine and sparsely located fruit in the same branch.

Another one of the branches of black seed like fruits.

Lorong Napiri after the School's main entrance. The young trees are only about 4 years old.

This sharrp curve cause blind spots for motorist traveling along this road. This one of the most healthy young tree along this stretch of roads, opposite the MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore).

MINDS (Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore). Almost every morning loud screaming and shouting can be heard coming from here. There are many social workers working here, taking care of the patients.

The main building of MINDS. In the foreground is a lantern flowering plant. Another tree that outgrown those along the roadside.

The MINDS building with clear blue sky. Hopefully the feelings of the patients inside are likewise.

A Lantern flower hanging from the plant.

After the flowers comes the fruits.

More fruits, almost dried up.

A very beautiful yellow lantern flower against the blue sky with green leaves. Next to it and not so prominent is the fruits.

The yellow lantern flower and its fruits.

This picture is good for computer wallpaper, especially when the left side is full of icons.

These plants flowered abundantly and can last for a long time.

The flower under the shade provided by the leaves of the plants.

Very colourful view with lantern flowers and its many branches of "fruits".

The yellow lantern flowers with the attractive blue sky behind.

This picture is taken from the end of Lorong Napiri.

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