Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wise Saying



*Compromise will make a conflict much easier to resolve

Other English Translated Version:

Bear Once, Peace Resume.

Step Aside, A Beautiful Scene Awaits.

Endure Once, Peace Resume.
Step Back, Harmony Prevail.

Endure Once, Peace Resume.

Give Way, Everything OK.

Bear Once, Thunderstorm Will Be Over.

Step Back, Understand More Clearly.

Bear Once, No Wind No Wave.

Step Back, Sea With Empty Sky.

Endure A While, Shake Off Disputes.
Give A Step, Everlasting Happiness.

Bear Once, Peace resume.

Step back, beautiful scene found.

Bear Once, Peace Prevail.

Step back, Understand the world.

Bear Once, Peaceful Life.

Give Way, Everything will be better.

Bear Once, S$5,000

Give Way, S$ ∞

Bear Once, Peace Prevail.

Step Back, The World Remains Beautiful.

*Adapted from:

and PHILIPS Colleagues